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Thursday, November 6, 2014

So uh.. Florida, maybe?

In typical Nadav and Tammy fashion, we booked a very last minute trip to Florida. So last minute that we leave tonight, except that we might not be leaving tonight because we're flying standby. Ohh shenanigans...

Travel confusion aside, we do know that we would like to spend a couple of nights in Miami and a couple nights in Key West. Other than that we don't have any plans. =P

Now we really need your advice South Florida savvy friends.
Where should we go, what should we do, and well where should we eat (cuz you know we love to eat).


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Remember that time Nadav and I got married. You know, on June 29, 2014?
Well our wedding is featured on Ruffled Blog today, and I'm all kinds of excited (and weirdly nervous?) about it!!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Feel Something

Isn't it amazing how music can make you feel something? I mean really feel something. A memory or smell you haven't thought about in years, the excitement and nerves you felt while walking down the aisle to your future husband, feeling awkward at senior prom, or even sitting in the back seat as a little girl and listening to your sing "Yesterday" by the Beatles. Oh and then the feeling you get when you're able to buy your mom tickets to see Paul McCartney, and you both sit together and sing. Aaahh, #unreal

Oh music, I love it so so much.

Not that the pictures in this post have anything to do with that, but I'm not really in the habit of taking out my phone/camera when I go see shows. I would rather enjoy the music and feel whatever it  makes me feel. Happiness, nostalgic, sad, or just straight up lucky to be standing there and feeling something.

I also saw Chromeo Wednesday night and they were sooooo AWESOME. They put on such a great show. :) If you ever have the chance to see them DO IT!

Happy Weekend Friends

Happy Weekend Friends :) 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hukilau Lanai

While in Kauai Nadav and I decided to treat ourselves to a fancy schmancy dinner (honeymoon splurges ya know =P) at a restaurant every local we met recommended to us. My advice? If every local you meet on vacation tells you to check out the same restaurant you make sure you go.

But I digress, we listened to those locals and made reservations at Hukilau Lanai in Kapaa. Hukilau Lanai prides itself on using fresh fish and local produce, and it shows in the quality and taste of their food. Every single course of the $50 5 course menu with wine pairings was phenomenal! I know, I know $50 per person isn't cheap but I think it's a good value for a 5 course meal with wine pairings. :)

Hukilau Lanai was seriously out of this world delicious, and we were that "just right" kinda tipsy by the end of our dinner. Perfection.

If you're in Kauai you HAVE to try Hukilau Lanai, you'll love it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kauai Day 6: Secret Beach, Anini Beach, and the Wailua River State Park

I know, I know.. I totally lagged on finishing blogging about our Kauai trip, but let's start daydreaming go back to day 6.

It was a beach beach beach, and some more beach kinda day. I guess that's the kinda thing you do in Kauai, right? ;) It was also the day we had the very best meal of our trip, but more on that later.

We started our morning on the North Shore and headed to Secret's Beach. An absolutely stunning beach that really looks like it belongs in the movies. It's beauty just unreal. Park near the houses that are right by the path that takes you down to the beach. Expect to hike about 10 minutes downhill until you see what really looks like paradise. Spend a few hours, relax, and enjoy the beauty. We didn't snorkel at Secrets, but saved that for our next stop along the way.

Ohhh stay off these rocks you mean? Woops. 

After a few hours living our honeymoon dreams at Secrets we started craving a good snorkeling session. We had heard some good things about the snorkeling at Anini Beach Park and decided to head north and give it a try. The beach wasn't the most beautiful but the water was calm and we saw a ton of sea turtles. If you have the time check it out, if not.. you're probably better off checking out other beaches on Kauai. ;)

 Next up, we drove south and made a little pit stop at Wailua River State Park. The area is so green, and straight up looks like like a scene out of Jurassic Park, or maybe it really is a scene out of Jurassic Park considering the movie was filmed on Kauai. ;) Either way, the Wailua River State Park is filled with secret little streams and paths, definitely worth a little detour.

We spent the next few hours enjoying the yummiest meal at Hukilau Lanai, but more on that later. If you are going to Kauai make sure you hit up Halekai Lanai it's SO GOOD.

Friday, October 3, 2014


So uhh, guess I'm catching up on posting all those wedding photos. ;) Here's another one by oh so awesome Orange Owl Photography.

Ah weekend you have arrived and it feels oh so good.
Wishing you a restful, reflective, and straight up good weekend with the people that matter most.

And if you observe Yom Kippur like me, wishing you an easy fast, shana tovah. Let's hope for a year filled with peace, health, love, happiness, and lots of adventure. :)


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy List

Photo by the amazing Orange Owl Photo :)
1. Seeing Paul McCartney last weekend. The Beatles are basically my very favorite band, and watching Paul McCartney perform is probably one of the coolest things I've ever done. #Thankful
2. Photos from our wedding, engagement session, and Europe trip that are finally printed and ready to be framed. It's the little things ya know?
3. Long, lazy dinners with great friends.
4. The kids I work with, and their ability to keep me silly.
5. The relationship I have with my mom and how it's changed over the past year. Sometime over the past year we really became good friends. I'm so grateful.
6. Thinking about the past year. The very good, the bad, and the hopes for the next year. Reflecting is oh so good  for the soul.
7. Nadav's laugh, it also keeps me silly.
8. Pilates, and how it's changed my body. Seriously, I am 30 years old and somehow just figured out that I am supposed to activate my lower back and stomach muscles when standing and sitting up straight. Psh, the things pilates has taught me.
9. The show, "The League". I know I know, it's an old show, but we just recently started watching it on Netflix and I flipping love it. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much while watching a show.... especially a show about a fantasy football team. It's good ladies, it's reallll good.
10. The people in my life who keep me grounded and love me. You know love is what makes the word go round... or something ;)


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