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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bertrand at Mister A's

San Diego Restaurant Week, is you know, one of my favorite things.. ever.
I love love love to eat good food, and San Diego Restaurant Week makes good (pricier) food a whole lot more affordable.

*For the record I thoroughly enjoy a cheap, hole in the wall Mexican restaurant just as much as I enjoy a fancier restaurant, but hey it's fun to switch things up here and there. Did I mention that I love restaurant week? ;)

But I digress, Last weekend Nadav and I were lucky enough to enjoy the most delicious restaurant week meal with two great friends at Bertrand at Mister A's in Banker's Hill. The food was excellent and, the wine pairings just added to the fun. Mister A's is located on the top floor of a high rise building and overlooks Downtown San Diego and the harbor. The views are incredible, I definitely recommend reserving a table outside right around sunset.

For the first course: scallops and wild Alaskan tuna tartare. Soooooo good

I ordered the braised lamb osso busco and it was delicious. To be honest I'm not a huge red meat fan, but the waiter recommended it and I went for it. I didn't regret it ;)

Ehh.. sorry for the lack of better food photos. In all of my foodie excitement I managed to leave my fancy camera in the car, and it was too dark to get better foods with my point and shoot camera when it was time to eat our entrees and dessert. I promise though, the food was delish.

Good news: restaurant week was extended until October 3. You can still go enjoy a 3 course meal at Bertrand and Mister A's for $45. Dooooo it!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Just Too Hot

San Diegans are not used to heat and humidity. Ughh humidity. A lot of us don't have air conditioning because there's usually no need for it, but about 2 weeks ago it was so hot in Southern California that we all wanted to vomit, spend the entire day at the pool, cough up the money for air conditioning couldn't deal. I know, I know I sound very spoiled but I swear, living in San Diego kinda sets you up for that kinda thing.

On one such freakishly hot day, Nadav and I had elaborate plans to go surfing on the way to Orange County to visit my parents, but we made a little detour and ended up at Disneyland. Surree, we'll go on a ride or two, it will be wayyy too hot to stay any longer than that.

Wrong-O friends. Wrong-O.

It was so flipping hot that California Adventures and Disneyland were almost empty and it was fabulous. We spent the entire day at California Adventures, walked onto most rides, and welp went on the log ride a few times.

Okayyyy and prior to that wonderful day I had actually sweet talked my way out of riding the Tower of Terror. "No no.. the line is just way too long, let's go get a margarita instead," was one of my best lines. Unfortunately we had no such excuse that day and we made it on the Tower of Terror. I am kind of a baby when it comes to heights, but I loooooooved the Tower of Terror. Seriously, how could I have avoided it all this time. It is now officially one of my very  favorite rides at Disneyland. If you're planning a trip to California Adventures make sure you go on Tower of Terror it is AWESOME.

There's even a winery at California Adventures. Sigghh I love it.

Oh you know, just rocking heart sunglasses over my eyeglasses. Nothing know here, carry on.

We stopped in at California Adventure's Wine Country Trattoria's bar and lounge for dinner. We both ordered a wine flight and shared a couple of appetizers. It was our first time there and we really enjoyed it. :) 

The entrance to Disneyland during Halloween time is so so good.

Oh Disneyland you make me feel like a little kid again. ;)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Dumpin

Summer Dumpin

A little summer instagram dump if you will.
Beach-in, Comic-con, Kauai, Love, and drinks with friends oh my.
Find me on instagram @BayParkDream
Wishing you the most wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This Summer Has Been..

Photo by the amazing Orange Owl Photo. I am obsessed with our photos!
This summer has been about...

- Reflection. Reflection about who I am, what I want, and where I want to end up.
- Slowing down. Appreciating that I don't have to worry about spending every free second planning our wedding. Aaahhhhh.
- Mornings at the farmer's market, days at the beach, evenings at pilates, and dinner with my husband and friends. I heart Cali in the summer timeeee.
- Organizing. Seriously going through closets and cabinets we should have organized 4 years ago. It's embarrassing, and frankly I'm straight up embarrassed about how long it's taken us to organize so much of our crap. Sure we've been distracted by life, vacations, an engagement, and you know that whole wedding thing but I'm vowing that we won't ever get this distracted again. It's shenans.
- Reconnecting with my inner music lover. Concerts, shows, and lots and lots of dancing. Good music makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
- Decorating. Changing things up, trips to Ikea, Homegoods, and Bed Bath Beyond. I am feeling oh so good about these changes.
- Surfing, I've tried it before, but something clicked a few weeks ago and I've been bitten... by the surfing bug that is. I want to go everyday now. #cantstopwontstop #okaynotreally hehe

--oh and for the record, yesss I know. I haven't been posting as much as I used too, but I'm okay with that. What can I say? I'm living life away from my computer and I think that's a good thing. ;)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sneak Peak Status

Oh you know just another Friday on the blog,
except that I decided it was the perfect day to share our wedding video teaser by Jack and Hanna Film &Photography!!! We love it so so much. :)

Hope you enjoy it too!

N + T Teaser from Jack Costello on Vimeo.

Okay and for the record this video makes me laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time.
Nadav, can we do it all over again?! Pretty please.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Honeymoon Helicopter Ride

Kauai + helicopter ride + no doors on aforementioned helicopter ride = the face I am making in the photo below.

Oh and yes, Nadav decided it would be a good idea to wear his GoPro on his head like this while we were on the helicopter ride. I laughed heartily, but the video he took is pretty amazing. I promise to share it once it's edited. ;)

If you're in Kauai and are up for a little splurge I highly recommend doing a helicopter tour. (We went with Jack Harter Helicopters and they were great). It was an incredible experience and there really is no better way to see Kauai. We even flew right over a 360 degree rainbow, how cool is that?! Apparently Kauai is one of the few places in the world where it's possible to see one.

Aahhh take me back.... pretty please.

Monday, August 18, 2014


On our third day in Kauai we headed out early and drove north to Hideaways Beach. Hideaways has about 10 parking spots, and even at 8am they were all taken.... so much for sleeping in on vacations eh? ;)

Luckily, Hideaways is right next to the St. Regis Resort... and their oh so friendly valet parking service. We ended up valeting at the resort, and surprise surprise valet is complimentary. We left our valuables in the car and started the hike down to Hideaways. The hike takes about 15 minutes and is straight downhill. There are ropes to hold onto while you hike down, but I definitely slipped a few times. The views, the sand, the snorkeling... they took my breath away, and the schlep down to the water was so so worth it. Hideaways was definitely one of my favorite places in Kauai.

Oh and then if one wanted to they could crash the St. Regis pool for a few hours...... not that we would know anything about doing that. Cough wink wink. If you need towels just write down a fake hotel room number and fake last name when you walk up to the pool towel guy, but really we wouldn't know anything about that. Just make sure you tip the valet well when you leave. ;)

It rains in Northern Kauai, a lot. Usually, the rain comes for about 5-10 minutes, and the sun comes right out. Either way, I would recommend bringing waterproof bags like we did to keep your stuff dry while you're in the water. While we were snorkeling at Hideaways a major downpour hit... and it was kind of amazing to feel water pouring down on us while we swam. Aahhh Kauai.

After snorkeling we stopped at the Kilauea Fish Market for lunch and it was... okay. Very overpriced and just okay tasting. ;) We also took in the views at Kilauea Lighthouse and stopped for shave ice in Kapaa.

We spent that evening at Hanapepe Art Night and really, really enjoyed it. Hanapepe is a small little town on the way to the west side of Kauai that holds a little art night every Friday night. Art studios stay open, food trucks come out, and performers line the street. Hanapepe Art Night made for a sweet little date night on a very sleepy island. :)


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