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Friday, July 8, 2011

Apartment Living vs House Living

Over 12 years of dorms, apartments, condos, and living in rooms inside other people's houses gets you used to apartment style living. If something breaks, someone else fixes it, if sinks get clogged someone else takes care of it, landscaping... all done for you. 
So why live in a house? One word, FREEDOM! Freedom from neighbors; no upstairs, downstairs, side attached neighbors. You don't have to worry about how loud your TV is, how late at night you're showering, how much noise you're making walking around, drunk college students passed out on your front porch or homeless people going through your trash (oh wait that was Tammy's old place in Pacific Beach), or dealing with roommates. (Tammy would like to point out that she loves her old PB roommates =P).
You also get the freedom to do whatever you want to the house. An old house like ours doesn't have HOA, and other than city ordinances, there's absolutely no limit to what we can do to our house or the property. It's a great feeling, and apparently, if we ever decide to build up a second story we'll have an ocean/bay view. 
As you can see from all our renovation posts, we've done quite a bit to it already and there's more to come. Living in a house has been a lot of work, but so far it's been a great experience  :)



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