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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Backyard with a Beautiful "Personality"

I know it's not the looks that count, but I'm sorry to say... when my backyard tries to kill me over and over again, I'm gonna start being a little judgmental. Where to start? Well as you step outside, you immediately notice the stairs leading out are painted red... yea, not even a decent red, its just ugly. The paint is cracked, scratched and hideous.

The paint doesn't stop on the stairs... no, basically anything that's not brick was also drenched in the red paint. I don't know what they were trying to cover up, but it didn't work.

The bricks... well, just imagine it as an uneven pile of bricks that are coming up to attack our unsuspecting visitors. The bricks had been pushed up by orange, lemon, and avocado trees that over the course of 50 years had been neglected, and the roots had grown alllll the way to the house. I guess the trees were seeking out water and in the process the roots overtook everything! I'm tempted to make visitors sign a waiver before entering our backyard.

We have/had a line of fruit trees including lemons, oranges and avocados. Most of which are either dead or just not producing anything. The orange tree produced tons of oranges, but had the worst roots so we removed it already. The lemon tree is still there and we have a couple avocado trees which have been demolished by June bugs. The rest of the trees produce no fruit and have no purpose at all. They're ugly, blackish, and need to disappear.

The side of the house (exiting from the kitchen) has a decent size open area (with red painted concrete) where we put trashcans and basically have nothing of use. There's a small palm tree growing next to the wall which has to be removed soon or its going to break through the wall! Also along the side is the second avocado tree (very small and not producing anything) and though we tried to grow a little vegetable garden in the space next to it, we ended up hitting so many roots that after a day of digging and struggling, we gave up. :(

On the other side of the house is a really amazing assortment of.... WEEDS!!! yea.. in the winter they were flourishing, but the weeds turned into an assortment of dead weeds. And as a grand entrance to the weeds? A broken fence!!

Now for the awesomeness of this yard.... We live on a hill with an AMAZING view, and on the hill behind our house there's a whole bunch of... who knows what! There's a little half-a-fence at the top of the hill meant to keep stuff out I guess. I climbed around back there praying that I wouldn't get bitten by anything. Fortunately I didn't get bitten, but what I did find was ANOTHER half-a-fence half way down the hill that apparently after 50+ years had been overtaken by ice plant. There are trees, bushes, vines, and TONS of ice plant back there.

I know our yard would be a ton of work, but if it was fixed up, it would be AMAZING!

Our dream back yard [Like if DIY Network or HGTV just happened to come by and surprise us!!]:

- remove bricks of death (flatten yard, remove crazy roots)
- nice tropical/beachy/relaxing oasis
- deck/patio hanging over the side of the hill to enjoy the view
- outdoor kitchen with bbq so we can entertain outside
- sitting/lounging area for visitors
- something that gives us privacy from the neighbors (trees, bamboo, etc)
- fire pit 
- hammock (This is a big one for Tammy!)
- pool/spa (energy efficient/solar)
- small vegetable garden
- a few fruit trees (lemons, blood oranges, pomegrates, avocados)
- shed to hide trashcans/tools/etc. (maybe something to store our surfboards/snowboards and a kayak, when we get one)
- pleasing relaxing house color (grayish tan?)
- new gates on both sides
- fence at bottom of property

We have big dreams, but we really would be happy with a usable, relaxing backyard that we can enjoy with our friends and family.




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