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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Before House Tour

The Entry and View into the Living Room Before:

View from the front door into the entryway/living room

View from next to the front door

View from living room, facing the front door/entryway

The Kitchen Before:
View from the laundry room

View from the kitchen looking towards the entryway

View from the dining room into the kitchen

The old oven

The Living Room Before:

The Dining Room Before:
View from the living room

The Master Bedroom Before:

The Master Bathroom Before:

Nadav's Office Before:

Tammy's Office Before:
Can't seem to find the pictures right now? :-/

Guest Bathroom Before:
Apparently the only picture we have of the guest bathroom. Bummer
 Backyard Before:
Steps leading into the living room
The canyon that is part of our property

More of the canyon

Bricks that are popping up and majorly dangerous

Side of the house

Another view of the bricks

Alternate view of the canyon

Other side of the house



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