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Friday, July 29, 2011

The craigslist scavenger hunt

Craigslist is a great place full of wonder. You wonder what you'll find tomorrow. I do everything I possibly can on Craigslist. I need a phone... Craigslist. I need a dresser... Craigslist. Have a hard drive to sell? Craigslist! Bikes, garage sales, books, cars, you name it, it'll be there! Problem is, one day you could see some great stuff, and the next there's a whole lot of piles of crapola.

My current hunt is for a black dresser and file cabinet for my office (aka: my closet). I decided since I have a mostly black desk (which I also purchased off Craigslist) that I would get a black dresser and file cabinet.

I hate IKEA, but I'm currently looking for something very similar to this dresser:

and for a file cabinet, I want a black wood lateral file cabinet like this:

So far the hunt's been slow and painful. Every once in awhile someone will post the perfect dresser or file cabinet and they'll sell it for 10 bucks under retail value. Sometimes I'd like to just e-mail them and say "ARE YOU STUPID!?". But no, that really won't help. Sometimes I'll bargain, sometimes I won't, sometimes it'll be sold by the time I get to it. It's ok though, my hunt will go on, and in the end I know that perfect furniture will be out there waiting for me. :)   




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