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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Numbers

Our current house numbers, are in bad shape. Seriously, they were probably red at one point in our home's life, but now they're a rusty orange. I just checked them out again, and the paint is peeling off the numbers. Eh? Clearly, it's time to start researching new house numbers.

Here are a few of my favorites

Modplexi via etsy, Mulberry print via etsy
Heath Ceramics
Apartment Therapy
During my house numbers search I came across a website on the numerology of house numbers. Apparently you add the numbers of your house number until you reach a single digit. Our house number is a 3, which means....

"This house is one of the happiest ones with a welcome sign on the door. This is the social house. It is a house that is very creative and suites creative tenants. With its unusual design it is the perfect house for entertaining both indoors and outdoors.
If you like quiet, do not live next to a three house. For this is a house filled with noise, laughter and extravagant expression. People who live in a three house like to invest within the decorating causing a cluttered and odd style within its interior."


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Numerology of house numbers? Ha, love it! I checked mine out and I'm a 9:

Humanitarian and Pet lovers live in nine houses. It will attract those who live to save the little guy. Medical people, visionaries and social workers love to live in a nine house. When living in a nine house, one may find that their psychic awareness develops a lot quicker.
Keep it tidy and safe, for this house activates the tendencies to become accident-prone.

Pretty cool, except for the accident part! We have very steep stairs that I've already fallen down ;)

Bay Park Dream said...

Nice :) I'm horrendously accident prone too, good thing I don't live in a 9 house.
P.S. I am obsessed with the bike you posted today on your blog. Thanks for coming to my blog and checking it out :)


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