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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love of the Red Front Door

I love a red front door, really I do. I feel like a red door is inviting, and just looks "happy". Also, according to feng shui red front doors invite success, prosperity, and bring good energy to a home. Feng shui says that front doors that face southwest, like ours, should be pink, apricot, peach, or yellow. Well, I don't know about those colors,  and I think I'll stick with red.
We're about to start working on the outside of the house, and we're planning on

  • Painting the exterior a very, very light gray
  • Purchasing a fiberglass door (they're supposed to be better quality and are less likely to dent) with small square windows at the top
  • Painting the new front door red, obviously ;)
  • Painting the shutters a bright blue
  • We're still deciding what to do with the porch steps... I'd like to extend out our porch and put down tile or paint that looks like rocks. We shall see...
  • Purchasing a new white garage door
Some inspiration:
via The Knot
via Flickr
Via The Lulu Bird


Anonymous said...

I want to paint it black. =P

Nadav said...

My guess is black would bring evil spirits according to feng shui :P

Dennic Caco said...

I love... RED DOORS!


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