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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Most Perfect Bike. Ever.

So I came across the most perfect bike ever while checking out some blogs last week. It made an appearance on Happiness Is... and it looks like this

Kate Spade New York
All right Kate Spade, $1100 for this bike? Was that really necessary? I enjoy your cute purses, but come on, that is expensive. Are you just trying to make me sad? ;)
Oh well, for now I'll stick with my Electra Townie. I'm not going to lie, I think it's really pretty too.  

~Tammy (obviously hehe)


Dennis C said...

HI-TECH BIKES (my client) has bicycles- and they START at $2000. And yes, people buy them, a lot of them. But, those bikes aren't nearly as pretty as this one. :P

Bay Park Dream said...

Ha well those are bikes that have gears, and fancy things... this bike does NOT have those extras, and probably should not cost $1100.

You are right though, the other bikes are probably not as pretty ;)

Anonymous said...

i like your bike and the red is my fev color so it just look fancy , CUZ of the basket on it :) so enjoy your red bike they are great.


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