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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ohhh Life, and "That Whole House Thing"

Well, it's been about 6 months since what we often refer to as "the whole house thing" has happened... and our whole lives have changed. Seriously, I've never felt so mentally drained, happy, exhausted, excited, and well drained in my entire life. We had really planned on documenting more of the major renovation process, but life just became too crazy and we often forgot to eat for an entire day, let alone take pictures.
Either way, here are some "things" that have happened around here...
  • We learned what it was like to live with 2 very sloppy contractors for 2 months in a home that did not have a kitchen, a working bathroom for a few days, and did not have furniture
  • Drama. (Let's not go into any more detail.)
  • We love the two avocado trees and one lemon tree in the backyard
  • We ended up with two beautiful bathrooms... more on that later
  • We became friendly with some really great neighbors, and we'll be sad to see one family move away in a few months
  • I had a VERY heated (read: yelled at) conversation with some disgusting people at a Tile/Granite store. Do NOT ever, ever, ever BUY ANY TILE/GRANITE/FLOORING at State College Distributors in Fullerton, California or you will be cheated, treated like crap (especially if you are a woman), and feel like crying every time you leave. You will end up having to drive to the store 2 times in a day about 6 times until they give you the correct order (this is NEVER ok, but it is especially NOT ok when you live 1.5hours from the store)
  • I learned that I am a horrendous painter, Nadav is still trying to convince me otherwise
  •  We went on a beautiful cruise to Mexico to celebrate Nadav's birthday
  • I tried to pull up the paint on our front porch, project failed.
  • I learned what it's like to live without a dishwasher for 6 months.... last week it was installed, hurrraayyyy
  • I made a VERY poor decision on the color of our laminate flooring. I have been told I need to live with it for at least a year, le sigh. 
  • We "tried" to plant a little vegetable garden..... and then learned that our backyard has been overtaken by huge roots. Awesome.
The look of defeat

  • A 1950s kitchen can go from scary to beachy/modern with some paint, new hinges and door handles, new appliances, and paint. 
  • I have decided that my, cough our ;), decor style is "beachy-modern"
  • Renovating and decorating take a lot of patience, I am working on that whole patience thing
  • Modern appliances are NOT made to fit into a 1950s kitchen. 
  • Trying to renovate a house in 1.5 months is a very bad idea
  • Contractors can be horrendous....
  • Craigslist is my best friend
  • Nadav is my other best friend hehe
  • We still love each other
And well, that's the short list :) 




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