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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So uh, why would you want to deal with that?

Well, we've asked ourselves way too many times what were we thinking taking on such a huge 1950s disaster? You're in your 20s, *cough* well Nadav just turned 30 shhhh ;), and why would you want to deal with so much stress? You've never even tried to paint a wall before. Well, there are the typical answers...
1) It's an investment
2) Projects are "fun" to take on
3) You'll be so stressed out during renovation time that while you're shopping at Costco, and see one of your coworkers, you literally run away because you know that if you try to talk and say hi you'll burst into tears (wait no.. that's not an answer)

But really, it all came down to location. We LOVE San Diego, and we really, really love living close to the beach. Beach property in La Jolla and Del Mar is EXPENSIVE, Pacific Beach is a little ugh.. dirty at times hehe, and we preferred to be in a central location so Nadav could hop on the freeway and embark on his 30min. drive to work (still a sore subject if you ask him).

We spent about 2.5 years searching for the "right" house, and had no idea Bay Park even existed until last November our real estate agent took us to a little house around here and we knew right away, Bay Park would be our home. The next month we found our little beach bungalow-disaster, made an offer an hour later, and the rest is hazy history.

Bay Park is a neighborhood on a hill that overlooks Mission Bay. Bay Park has perfect views of the bay and ocean, the Sea World fireworks every summer night, and little run down bungalows next to million dollar homes (see below).
Our house
Our next door neighbor's house
By the way, the "neighbors" consist of young couples and families who have come in and completely renovated their homes, or much "older" seniors who were the original owners of these homes. They say that people don't leave Bay Park, they hang out until they physically can. ;)

Bay Park is PERFECT for us, and every time we became really stressed out about ohh buying the wrong size bathtub and finding out way too late or wanting to fire the floor installer, we drove down this hill and realized it was all worth it.


Feller said...

Love it! When will the guest room be ready?...

My Bay Park Dream Home said...

You tell me when you're coming to visit, and I'll make it ready. Haha....butttt it won't be on the blog for awhile, it's a major disaster right now. :)

Emma said...

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! And I love your blog... I'm your newest follower. :)


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