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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Succulents.

Sunday morning I woke up inspired... inspired to bring some green prettiness into our home. I made my way to Armstrong Garden Center and purchased some succulents (Isn't succulents a weird word? I mean really, whoever came up with that word had an "interesting" mind.) soil, and rocks. I picked up some cheap vases at Wal-Mart, and headed home to make my little indoor succulent garden. My green thumb, is uhm developing, and as expected this was quite the learning experience.

1) Soil is messy and it gets stuck under your nails. Note to self: wear gloves when gardening
2) Just because a plant is not "big" does not mean it has small roots (uh duh?)... esp if it comes in a large pot from Armstrong. It may also not fit in the small cheap vases you purchased from Wal-Mart.
3) Cactuses are sharp, *cough*, wear gloves (ya duh again).

After realizing that a few of our plants did not fit in our vases I remembered that the old woman who owned the house before us had saved many random pots in a small gardening bench. I went searching and found a few nice ones, I'd like to think that they're "antique" ;)

Here are some pictures of my new succulents

 On Monday night Nadav came home with this beautiful orchid, I'm a lucky girl. Thanks baby :) 



Beth said...

They look beautiful! I especially like the one in the top left picture.

My Bay Park Dream Home said...

Thanks so much Beth :) I'm pretty happy with how they turned out


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