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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That Guest Bathroom, Before and After

Pshew, this bathroom was quite the ordeal, but I won't even go into the crazy details. Let's just go straight to the before and after pics


Shower door

Picture from inside the shower
Glass mosaic

Shower floor tile

Shower ceiling tile

So there ya go, the guest bathroom in it's current state. I still have plans to purchase a new floor mat and towels.


Tembel3 said...

This bathroom looks so amazing! I want one just like it!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd totally be your guest.

Anonymous said...

Wow, posting that comment was an ordeal... =P

My Bay Park Dream Home said...

Tembel--thanks for the sarcasm ;)

Will--sorry about the ordeal, we just changed a setting so hopefully commenting will no longer be an ordeal :)


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