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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Very First, Before and After


Our kitchen inspiration:
via Decordpad


View looking into the kitchen from the entry

First, we knocked down that gross wall/window thing and removed the extremely dated wall paper. We weren't able to afford new cabinets so we opted for painting the cabinets, painting two of the kitchen walls a beautiful shade of green, changing out the hinges and door handles, and installing travertine floors. The house did not have space for a dishwasher, so we found a great deal on one, cut out some old cabinets, and made room for one. Thennn, we found out the dishwasher was too tall, and homes built in the 1950s were made with low counter tops, so we had the counter tops raised, and the electrical wired up for the dishwasher to be installed. Unfortunately, our plumber/dishwasher installer decided to get into a yelling match with our tile contractor and he left without returning to install the dishwasher. Awesome right? Flash forward, six months and it was installed last weekend.
The fridge we purchased did not fit in the space originally meant for the fridge so we had to knock down half of the wall and make the space. The same exact thing happened with the stove. Mental note to anyone looking to purchase an older home be prepared to COMPLETELY change up the kitchen. ;)

My mom places beautiful hamsas all over my childhood home, and I'm carrying along the tradition. They are believed to ward off "the evil eye" and bring good luck. I figure we can use all the luck we can get. 

The kitchen is still a work in progress, but for now we're pretty happy with it. I'd like to decorate the walls some more, specifically place some kind of decoration above the sink window. I know that it will all come together with time.



becky said...

5:00 in the morning...can't sleep. Got on BlogLovin to check out stuff and thought I'd see your post...which I haven't read yet. Been going thru ur buttons. You did a good job on your renovations. I'm guessing you didn't do some of this work yourself. For not living there that long you've done a lot! Kitchen cabinets look great...I see you added some molding to the doors...that really adds. We updated our kitchen awhile ago...granite, new appliances. One big surprise for me was how much the knobs & pulls were all together. Didn't realize how many drawers and cupboards I had... like 80. Boy...they aren't as cheap as I figured. Enjoyed looking at your updates. Great job.


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