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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adventures in Cooking

If you know me you know I have this weird "fear" of cooking, 
and as a result of this "fear", 
if you know me.. you also know I don't cook "much". 

I mean sure, I can do the 'ol buy premade anything  stick it in the oven and bake or put something on the stove and stir.  But ask me to make something from scratch and I get minor anxiety. 
It's like this little voice in my head turns on and says, 
"Well Tammy, your probably going to mess it up anyway so why try?" 
(Yes, it's embarrassing to admit that)

I have resolved to conquer this fear, and attempt to start cooking and baking...
and I mean really start cooking,
I'm going to find recipes I like and actually try to make them
and I plan on documenting my progress here....

I decided to make something sweet to take with us on a visit to Nadav's brother's house.
I knew my first attempt at making food needed to be relatively easy, the less stress involved the better.

And I ended up choosing dun da dunnn...
(recipe from Food.com)

Melted milk chocolate

Pouring dark chocolate onto pretzel

Finished product before going into the fridge to chill

Truth is, the entire process was relatively painless, and the best part?
The pretzels turned out quite yummy (patting myself on the back)

I ended up using two types of chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, although I think the milk chocolate covered pretzels tasted better.

Recipe 1.... completed and successful ;)

 Things I learned:
1. What vegetable shortening is... and what it does (really I had no idea it even existed)
2. Melted chocolate ends up everywhere
3. It's best to use a larger bowl if using large pretzel sticks so you can actually dip the pretzel into the bowl. I used a smaller bowl and had to pour the chocolate onto the pretzel
4. Make chocolate covered pretzels the day before serving them and chill or they will begin to melt in the car. ;)



Camylla Leonardi said...

Wow, you sound like a chef already!! hehe
those pretzels look delicious!!

Whitney & Devin said...

You had me at "chocolate"... don't worry I freaked out the first time a recipe asked me to "mince" something... I was like "what the heck is MINCE!?" Youtube and the internet were my best friends when I started out ;-)

Sheri said...

Great job! They look yummy! I always try to start too big and end up with disasters. This is a perfect, yummy project!

Anonymous said...

I think that loOks amazing! And I'm not a huge fan of pretzels. Covered in chocolate is a good thing! I'm your newest follower! Found you through ftlob. Don't be fooled by my blog name. It's a happy place!!!


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