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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Evening at the Races

I know there's been a lack of house related posts lately, and we decided that's alright. What started off as a home renovation blog has morphed into a home renovation and lifestyle blog.

It's important to make time in your life for things that make you happy, and the things you love to do. We really enjoy working on the house and writing about it, but apparently, going to the beach, taking photographs, and eating yummy food make us happy too. The more fun, outdoor things seem to have taken the precedent lately (What can we say? We live in San Diego, it's the summertime, and beautiful). We hope you appreciate the turn this blog has taken. :)

Now back to a recap of of our Saturday adventures....

Nadav and I started Saturday afternoon with our second burritos of the weekend at a little hole in the wall Mexican place, Roberto's Mexican Food. I went for the veggie burrito and Nadav got his usual, a California Burrito (consists of carne asada steak, french fries, some salsa, and guacamole--sounds healthy right? =P ).

We then headed to the Del Mar Racetracks on Saturday night to check out the races, and well, mostly to see Weezer.

Am I the only one who finds the whole concept of "going to the races" kind of silly? You get dressed up, you bet on horses because they have funny names like "Bully Bully Bully", "Zazu", and "Tumultuous Tom", and then you probably lose some money. Hehe. I guess I enjoy the racetracks, and I realize there is a lot of history behind the races, but the whole idea is still kind of funny to me.

Weezer was so good, I'm so happy we were able to see them. 



Camylla Leonardi said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend!!

Lots of Love,

Nicole Marie said...

so fun! my parents are going there next weekend


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