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Monday, September 5, 2011


A good haircut can really brighten up my day, cough week.

Here I am feeling quite fabulous after my favorite hair stylist Franco, cut my hair at Model Call Salon in La Jolla.

Every once in awhile I'll start thinking "ohh that shoulder length bob looks really cute" or "maybe I should try bangs". Then I'll go to Franco and explain to him I want to cut my hair. Franco always responds with "Girrrlll, you do not want to cut your hair, it is beautttiiiffulll. If you really really are sure about it, ok I'll cut it, but girrlll please don't."
The truth is he's right.
Maybe it's the laid back Californian in me, but I am EXTREMELY low maintenance when it comes to a beauty routine and doing my hair. On most days I throw on some mascara and let my hair air dry. Do I really want a haircut that requires me to actually to take care of my hair? Mhm, nope.
On another note, I realized that I really connect a huge amount of my "sexiness" to my hair. In the past when I have cut my hair shorter I've felt like a part of my "sexiness" has also been cut short? I think shorter hair looks amazing on lots of girls, but I just don't think I'm at that point where I can pull it off. (Besides, Nadav would be horrified if I did anything drastic to my hair :-P )

Happy Labor Day Friends :) Hope you all enjoy a relaxing day off



em said...

Love the cut!! It's amazing what hair cuts work for people, and which ones don't, and how much maintenance some of them require. I usually end up chopping all my hair of every couple of years and I usually regret it.

Nali said...

Very pretty! I'm a long hair kind of girl too and have tried the short hair thing and I can't pull it off.

xoxo, Nali

Bri said...

Yay for haircuts! Hair chopping is a commitment, but I certainly have enjoyed chopping off 12 inches! I will add it took me a while to go through with it....

Sheri said...

So gorgeous! I feel the EXACT same way you do, I have my hair long and whenever I have cut it short, I feel less sexy. Yet I see other girls with cute, amazing short cuts and I want to do it! I don't think I'm ready either.
Someday maybe....!

Ross said...

I really like long hair on women. Short hair can be great but it's become such the trend. I like it when people do with their hair what looks good on them.

MK said...

Soooo cute! I love long layers and your new 'do looks amazing!

Zoƫ said...

Just came across your blog - love it! And I am with you on the long hair conversation. I am also blessed with beautiful red hair (if I do say so myself...), and in an effort to be low maintenance, I went for that chic, chin length bob a few years back. Yes, it's cute, but when you've got gorgeous locks, you are practically required to flaunt them. I also feel much more feminine and sexy with long hair. So in other words, work it! :)


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