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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House Guests

One of my good friends is staying with us while she searches for a place to live. 
We're so excited that she brought along her sweet puppy, Paddington.

Paddington helping me blog
A little bit about Paddington 
 He responds to the names PePe, Monkey Butt, and Poopy Head
He is a cairns terrier, but everyone we meet on the street seems to call him Toto
His brother Corduroy may be coming to live in San Diego soon too 
He thinks he's our guard dog and barks at everything that moves past our front door (including all the pit bulls in the neighborhood. I keep trying to remind him he's little, but he's in denial about the entire situation)
Paddington wears a leopard print diaper around our house (see above photos)
He swears one day we'll let him hang out on our couch. For now, he's just a bit sneaky about the whole thing. Every time we time we turn our heads away from him he manages to sneak up onto the couch. Then, when we tell him to get off the couch, he looks away and pretends he can't hear.
Clearly, Paddington is more like a 2 year old child than a dog
Paddington grew up in New York City, but we're convinced we're going to turn him into a beach loving San Diego-an (San Diegan? lol insert Anchorman quote here) in no time.

You can probably tell, we're all a little obsessed with Paddington



Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh my! Paddington is adorable! I, too, have a little dog who thinks she's big. It's hilarious!

And I really love your photos!


Running on Happiness said...

Love that first photo. And his names of course. So cute.

Julip Made said...

Ahhh what is not to love...he is ADORABLE!!!


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