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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Favorite Sushi Spot in San Diego

Nadav and I eat A LOT of sushi, and we try lots of sushi restaurants, 
but we keep coming back to Ikiru Japanese Restaurant

Ikiru Japanese Restaurant is a little sushi restaurant hidden in Liberty Station, which was a naval base in the early 1900s. It's an incredibly beautiful and historic place to walk around, and is now a large business/restaurant/shopping mall that is right on San Diego Harbor. Liberty Station is still growing, but we really enjoy finding great restaurants there and talking a walk along the harbor. We also find ourselves taking a lot of our out of town visitors there.

Now back to Ikiru Japanese Restaurant...
The fish is so so fresh, the rolls and nigiri are so so flavorful, everything has so much flavor, the sushi chefs are awesome, and it's a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.We like sitting at the bar, chatting with the sushi chefs (Jay is awesome!), and asking them make us their own "off the menu" sushi creations.

Appetizer: Fish and Chips... so so good

One of sushi chef Jay's creations

Another one of Jay's creations

And even another one of his creations ;)

..and we just came to the conclusion that Ikiru Sushi is our favorite sushi restaurant in San Diego.

A photo Dalphin took of us at Ikiru a few months ago

And to make it even better.... you can use one Restaurant.com coupon there a month ;)


Whitney & Devin said...

Sushi is my favorite!

Cara-Mia said...

I've never tried this place! My favorite sushi place in SD is Harney's in Old Town. Yummm.

cynthia said...

Just browsing back through some older posts... I was also going to mention Harney Sushi! Not only do they have great sushi, it's just down Morena from Bay Park, AND I actually know the owner of that place. Right when they opened the restaurant, he was our neighbor in PB. (Back in the college days!)
Yay for great sushi!


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