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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Update on Tammy's Office/Guest Room

So my friends, last weekend we made some progress on my office.

A few updates:
1. I hung up these paper pom-pom thingies that were left over from my birthday party. I don't exactly love them there, but they will do for now. I do like that they give the room a girly quality, but I was able to tone down the girly with the other additions to the room.

The ceiling fan blades are black on one side and brown on the other. Nadav was able to change the color of the blades from black to brown (I'm going for an olive green, creamy white, espresso, and tan color palette)

We moved out the West Elm parsons desk (tear) and moved in this Ikea desk we scored for free from someone on Craigslist. I added some succulents (<3 succulents), candles, hamsas, and a cupcake cookbook (note to self: must attempt to bake something from cupcake cookbook very soon without burning down house). I rarely use a desk, I've always been more of a "sit on the couch" and do work type of girl (much to my parent's dismay) so a cute desk is more important than a functional desk for me.

This is the guest room bed, she is niccee (sorry I felt the need to need to throw a little Borat inspiration in there). Although really, she's not that nice. Hint for potential guests: if you come to our house you can choose between sleeping on our couch or on this bed. If you sleep on this bed anytime in the very near future, you will be sleeping on an air mattress ;). Actually I hear it's pretty comfortable hehe. We need to buy a new queen mattress for our bedroom to fit our new-ish queen bedroom frame, and then we'll move the full mattress from our bedroom into the guest room. Ya it's a little weird, but hey, we're a young couple and we'll get that new mattress soon ;)

I purchased this mirror from Hautelook awhile ago, it will most likely go on the wall opposite the desk. We still need to hang up the mirror, but I'll post a picture when we do that. :)

And I purchased this rug from Overstock, which arrived yesterday and, of course is too big for the space. Another note to self: Tammy 8x10 rugs are way too big for your office. Oops? I think I need to refrain from making internet purchases because I have a really difficult time envisioning how big an item is, and how it will fit into the space until it arrives. I've realized that my problem goes beyond taking measurements.... I'm learning :)

 My office/guest room is still a work in progress. I'm looking for a nightstand (or something that will serve as a nightstand), some accent pillows, and some pictures for the walls. 

A couple of things I have been eying for my office :)

Breath wood sign

REST pillow

Starting to feel like my office is coming together :) Score!



chestnutmocha said...

I think the pom-pom things are cool! I like the shadow they make on the wall. Thanks for following us, we're following you too!

Ben & Katie

Sarah Jane said...

I love the pom poms. As soon as I saw that pic, I thought... I want a few! Haha, so you inspired me. I just found your blog this afternoon and had to follow! Love all the pics in this post. Can't wait to read more.

-Sarah from livinglifelakeside.blogspot.com

Hollie Ann said...

that be nice or leave pillow is hilarious!

amanda k. said...

That mirror is AMAZING!

-amanda k.


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