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Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Weekends Make Me Smile

You know you live in San Diego when:

~ You spend the entire weekend at the beach
~ You eat a burrito on Friday, and then on Saturday, and once again... on Sunday
~ You head to Del Mar on a Saturday evening to bet on some horses at the race tracks and catch a summer concert (cough we got to see Weezer this time!)

Let's start with Friday at La Jolla Cove
If you ever travel to San Diego check out The Cottage in La Jolla for brunch. There can be a really long wait, but it's so worth it. The drinks are good, the food is very yummy, and it's at the beach.

Mimosa and Bloody Mary

Breakfast Burrito

Stuffed French Toast is ridiculousssss

The beauty that is La Jolla Cove

 On the way home we couldn't help but stop off at Mission Bay and take in the sunset.... sighhh...

I'll post some more pictures from Saturday and Sunday later today. We were also busy working on a secret project all weekend. We're hoping to post about it soon.

Have a beautiful Monday internet friends. :)


And one more thing.... is it weird that I'm always inspired to take pictures of food? Seriously? hehe


Andrea@Fancy That! said...

Looks heavenly! I visited for a week in college and cried when I went home.

Brunette & Blessed said...

This looks amazing! glad I stumbled across your blog

Notes She Wrote said...

beautiful beautiful pictures!!
The French toast looks so amazing!
And I love eating burritos ALL THE TIME! :)

Notes She Wrote

Sarah M. said...

Your pictures are absolutely amazing...I haven't been down to San Diego for YEARS now but your pictures have inspired me to plan a trip down at some point :) No it's totally cool to take pictures of food - especially when it looks SO good like that French toast (ps what's it stuffed with?). Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following your awesome blog now - feel free to follow me back :)

xx from Montreal,

I Bleed Fashion

Katie said...

Anytime with burritos is a good time! xo

Hollie Ann said...

OMG the cottage is my favorite place....except i hate the saturday hour morning waits! the mashed potato? omelet runs my life.


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