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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Afternoon Delight

You know when you have one of *those* afternoons? 
You know the kind of afternoon when you're in a huge rush, 
so you reach into the pantry to get out something quick to eat.
Then you proceed to knock a huge glass jar of masala sauce onto the floor, all over the pantry, the wall, and the pantry door.
The sauce goes everywhere, the jar breaks into millions of little glass pieces that land all over the kitchen, 
and all you can smell is Indian food. 
The sauce is even on your new favorite jeans and your shoes.

You spend about one and a half hours cleaning up the mess.
The entire time you know you should laugh at the shenanigans, but really you're feeling kind of teary eyed.
You get in your car and drive fifteen minutes to boot camp even though you smell like Indian food.
You know masala sauce and sweat probably don't mix. Oh well?
You wait around at boot camp for about 30minutes only to find out that the class has been cancelled.

What now? Must get pent up masala aggression out, must get pent up masala aggression out.
So you get in your car, and decide to go on a run at the beach.
That's when things start to get better ;)
You remember that you have so much to be grateful for,
and you appreciate the beauty that is the water, waves, sand around you.

Seriously. I live two minutes from this view. I think it's a good reminder that things could be a lot worse. ;)
You remember that even though the past few months have been stressful 
you are so blessed to have your health, loving people in your life, and so much more. 
Hey, you're thankful for this blog, the new blog friends it has brought into your life, and some new opportunities it has provided.
Then the boy gets home,
hugs you,
shakes his head at the smell,
teases you about the masala sauce,
takes you out to Pho (your favorite),
and suddenly things gets even better.

Note to self: 
Life is good, try not to sweat the small stuff



Heather McWhorter said...

This is great - and just what I needed to start my morning off on the right foot. Thank you :)

Brunette & Blessed said...

lol what a funny story. I'm glad you got a good dinner out of it anyway!

Nali said...

Glad your day got better and hope you have a much, much, better one today :)

xoxo, Nali

Irene said...

Aww, this is so touching, Tammy! :-)


Sarah said...

Maybe that's where the saying "the better half" came about. When one half is not doing hot, the other picks up the slack? LOL glad to know things are better =)

- Sarah


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