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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Big SoCal Blackout

Yesterday at about 3pm all of San Diego and parts of Orange County, Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico lost power. Apparently a major power line from the north to the south was somehow severed. The rest of the day turned out to be pretty crazy. Almost everyone in the city was let off of work around 3pm and the freeways were PACKED. A drive that should normally take about 30 minutes took 2 hours, traffic lights were not working which resulted in lots and lots of car accidents, and people were stuck in elevators for hours. (Us Californians really only how to deal with earthquakes, all other other major problems result in complete disarray hehe)

Anyway, once the 3 of us (Me, Nadav, and Amelia the house guest) made it home we had a pretty awesome evening. We happen to live in a GREAT neighborhood with lots of wonderful people. Everyone gathered outside and brought the food and alcohol that would go bad in their fridges. We all hung out for hours ate, drank, and watched the kids ride their bikes and have fun. Once it became too dark to stay outside we returned home, lit candles, drank wine, and ate toast, cheese, and any frozen yogurt or ice cream that was left in the fridge. 

Apparently, the electricity came back on at about 1:30am in the morning... but the best part? Work was cancelled today, hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) Yay for 3 day weekends


Stephanie said...

It sounds like an amazing Thursday evening/Friday! And that last pic is awesome (and so true!).

Happy (three day!) weekend!

XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

cynthia said...

That sure was a strange day/night. We did pretty much the same thing in our area of Clairemont. Then fell asleep listening to music on the iPod around 8pm. :)


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