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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Those Happy Things

Ittttt's happy list time again :)

1. Coming home to the beach, a cozy home, and my love for San Diego after a week away on the east coast leads to complete and utter happiness.
2. Coming home to a canine house guest that is very very very excited to see me. This seriously makes me understand why so many people have dogs =P
3. The smiles of the little kids I work with
4. Watching old episodes of Modern Family, they are oh soooo funny
5. Holding hands with Nadav while walking through Central Park
6. Being lucky enough to be on the east coast just as the leaves were starting to change colors :)
7. Learning to be present and just appreciate the moment instead of being somewhere and thinking about all the other things I need to or should be doing
8. Looking through old photos of our trip to Maui.... sigh, must go back very very soon
9. All kinds of 90s music... Seriously it doesn't get better than "I saw the sign", "Stay" by Lisa Loeb, "Groove Is In Your Hearttttt", "Mr. Jones"
10. Exploring, traveling, and seeing the world with the one I love

Did you make your own happy list? Link it up here :)




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