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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Puppy Guest Post

Today's Guest Post is by a very special canine. Our house guest, Paddington Pierce. Hope you enjoy :)
It's A Dog's Life

So I was asked if I wanted to bark about my new life in San Diego, and of course, I couldn't say no.. Over the past few weeks, I've trained these humans so well, I think they deserve a little praise.  So... here is a little blog to document my daily adventures and life as a dog.

Every Morning I get to play at the beach!  Ocean Beach and Fiesta Island are the best places ever.  Lots of dogs, smells, water, and SAND for digging!!!!

When I get home, I like to take a snooze.  Please ignore my doggy diaper.  Mom says I have to wear this because sometimes I forget my manners.

I like to snooze and snooze some more.  I wake up, look for food or chase away some monsters on the street.  Then, I go back to snoozing.

This is my favorite place to sleep.  Too bad I'm told I'm not supposed to be on here.

And here is a picture of some of my favorite people.  They like to give me all the things mom never lets me have.  I really like these honey wheat pretzels Tammy always gives me.  She is always giving me more when she thinks my mom isn't paying attention.  I really like her.  Nadav is pretty fun too.  He likes to go on walks and play with me. He even takes me to drive thrus and share french fries with me which I am pretty sure are the best things ever.  I'm really having fun in San Diego :)

And because doggies like cupcakes too.  Look what I got to eat today :)

 ~PP (Paddington Pierce)


Julip Made said...

OMG sooo ADORABLE! I have a monster pup, but Paddington is making me want a smaller dog too!

Unknown said...

Cutest puppy ever! Love your blog!

Nicole Marie said...

awww... hows the odggy diaper working? massimo doesn't pee in the house but i find far too many poops in the house

Julie said...

haha he is so adorable!!! i love the doggy cupcake!

Nali said...

Oh my, this is just too cute!


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