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Monday, October 17, 2011

As Seen In...

Over the weekend I went home to visit the parentals in Orange County. We had a wonderful weekend, and I'm convinced that no matter how old you are and what stage you are in life... 
there really is no place like home. :) 
(Cue necessary red sparkly slippers to go along with The Wizard of Oz reference =P)

I had a great time with my parents, and am not going to lie I always enjoy letting my mom spoil me. 
"You want to cook for me, awesome? You're cleaning up after me, uhhh ok.. sure? You want to do my laundry? That can definitely be arranged! You want cook me dinner? Yes please hehe"

Sunday morning my mom and I woke up early and drove down to Balboa Island which is an INCREDIBLY beautiful beach town in Newport Beach. My family and I have spent many weekends taking long walks around Balboa Island, taking the ferry to the peninsula, and kayaking in the harbor. I have never grown tired of Balboa Island's quaint beauty, and trust me, if you're ever in the Orange County area visiting Balboa Island is a MUST. :)

Here are some shots of our morning in Balboa Island. My mom is a bit camera shy and made me promise I wouldn't feature her on the blog, but I give you my word.. she's beautiful :)

Can't disagree with that :)

Frozen bananas are the "thing" in Balboa Island. :) They're quite yummy if I do say so myself


People are very festive in Balboa Island, Halloween decorations were everywhere
Andd this picture sums up the "quality of life" on Balboa Island ;)

People are very proud of their alma maters in OC, now what happens if you went to UCLA and your spouse went to USC?? Simple  amswer, you fight during the games and you buy a flag that shows support to both schools :)
Awesome mailbox

I'm so lucky to have great parents who love me and welcome me home :) Thanks Mom and Dad xoxo

Hope everyone has an awesome week :)


Brunette & Blessed said...

looks like such a great visit! I love this beach sign!

emenchho said...

I love the beach...really stinks to live in land-locked state! ha

Erin said...

Glad you had such a lovely weekend! :) I love Balboa Island :)

Sarah said...

I love balboa island. I love eating at Rubys on the pier on their rooftop. I was so bummed not to meet you yesterday! I was at the socal blogger meet up. My little one was acting up on me though so I had to leave a little early. Maybe next time!

- Sarah

Anna said...

wow, balboa island looks gorgeous. adding it to my "must travel to" list!!

Whitney & Devin said...

There isn't anything like having your mom spoil you! Its the best! And your pics are fabulous as always

Hannah said...

That mailbox takes the win in this whole post...it's seriously amazing!

Holly said...

gah this place looks beautiful!!!

Hollie Ann said...

that mailbox is the ish!!!

Pattie said...

I love visiting my parents too! My mom does all the yum cooking and my dad buys me clothes :D

dana @ wonder forest said...

sounds like a fun time!! i love how my mom always wants to clean up after me when she comes over hahaha.
thanks for linking up on my blog today!
xox dana


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