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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today it's Just the Couch, Some Magazines, Sex and the City, & Me

Do you ever feel like time is just going by too quickly.
So quickly you haven't had any time to do the things you need to do
or even the things you want to do? 
And you just want a little time to yourself to read, flip through magazines, and maybe get your nails done.
Yeah, I'm basically feeling like that right now.

Instead of throwing myself a pity party I woke up nice and early today (it's 7:53am),
to enjoy the quiet and calm of the morning,
claimed my spot on the couch,
picked up my magazines and kindle,
and turned on some old Sex and the City episodes.
Because sometimes I just need a little time for me.

Later I will go take a class at Sol Yoga
"get my nails did",
perhaps treat myself to a Sprinkles cupcakes,
and do a little shopping and errands at the mall. 

Cheers to being girly, listening to your body, and taking a break for yourself when you know you need it.

In the meantime here's a little Sprinkles Cupcakes fun for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy :)

So glad it's the weekend everyone.



Olivia.Dee said...

sounds like the most perfect morning.

Nicole Marie said...

that is basically my exact plan for the day! i didn't go out last night instead i watched a movie on the couch by myself and ordered pizza so i could get up early. i took a walk. gonna maybe do some pilates and organize my life

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I love those types of Saturday mornings. Something about them is so refueling to me! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

kaity said...

this sounds like a fantastic day! I love relaxing for a day and just doing girly things. it's a nice break from everything else. :]


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