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Monday, October 3, 2011

Very Girly Weekend

 Last weekend I went to an awesome bachelorette party for my old roommate/very good friend. We surprised the bride with a weekend in Temecula, which is basically Southern California's wine country. Temecula has beautiful wineries and a cute little downtown area with yummy restaurants and bars. 
 The weekend was the perfect mixture of girly, fun, and scandalousness (yes I just made up that word).

Speaking of scandal, we started the weekend with a GREAT pole dancing class at Pole Kraze. In my opinion, this class was the best part of the weekend. We paid for the private bachelorette party special, got a great workout, and had SO much fun. Our instructor Kiki *really* allowed us to "get into the fun". I highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in pole dancing, or a pole dancing party.

After our pole dancing escapades we were picked up by our bachelorette party themed limo (fancy, I know =P). 

I know, I know.. we're all incredibly cool
The limo drove us around Temecula and dropped us off at two beautiful wineries. I would share the names of the wineries, but I mostly just remember that the wine was yummy, and plentiful. Hehe

Yup, there I am. The awkwardly short friend. ;)
Yay Michelle is getting marriiedddd
Beautiful Temecula
Anddd that's all the pictures you get to see because, well somethings are just not meant to be shared. But I assure you, the rest of the weekend was funnnnn. 

Hope everyone has a great week.



Sarah said...

I'm so sad! I recently hit the age where everyone is married and now having kids so there are less and less bachelorette parties to go to every year =(

- Sarah

Kinsey Michaels said...

aww i love your pictures, looks like a lot of fun!!! i'm now following your blog - i recently moved to southern california from boston! i'm a san diego girl at heart but live closer to LA now, but near the beach :)

Samantha said...

This looks like so much fun! I love wineries! And the pole dancing class - GREAT idea!!! I may steal it. :)


Julie said...

We did a pole dancing class for my bachelorette party, too! It really was the most fun thing ever!

Nicole said...

this is a totally crazy question. . . but is one of those girls named kasey preston?! the girl in the black shirt closest to the pole totally looks like a friend i know in fallbrook.

anwayza. . . so glad you found our little bloggity blog and that you are following along on the adventures!


xoxo, dania said...

aww love this! look like you had so much fun!


Nicole Marie said...

haha love that you guys did pole dancing

Ana said...

haha We did a similar class for my bachelorette party, but there were pics that could not be shared at all.

Thanks for following my blog :)

Vivian said...

You and your girlfriends sure know how to have fun!

Kelsey said...

Looks like you had SO much fun! I've taken a pole dancing class before - they are hilarious and definitely hard, lol. And I've been wanting to go wine tasting so much recently!! Jealous!

rinniez said...

wow this looks like a blast!
me and the girls from my cheer squad were just talking last night about having a pole dance party... i took lessons for 6 weeks and loved it!
thanks for sharing and for following my blog :)

ellie said...

I love this whole idea! It is something I would totally have a ball doing!

Jackie Wessel said...

Thank you thank you for the follow!!! I am looking forward to checking out your blog- and following you as well!! I love this post- I went wine tasting in temecula in january with my cousins, it was fantastic and beautiful!! The bachelorette party also looks super fun!! the pole dancing is too funny- but i bet you all laughed and im sure it was a good time!


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