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Monday, October 10, 2011

You. Me. Beach. Now.

Sunday afternoon I got a text message from my friend Donna it said something along the lines of

"You. Me. Beach. Now." 

Yeah, that's how Donna and I talk to each other. Not going to lie, it makes me pretty happy.

I quickly finished up the deliciousss diablo shrimp burrito that I was having for lunch. (In case you're unaware diablo means devil in Spanish, but don't let that scare you... it's really just what we call a spicy shrimp burrito around here). I then did my best to squeeze my bloated and burrito happy tummy into a bikini. I know, I know I just gave you an awesome visual haha.

We walked down to Tourmaline Surf Park and Beach and were lucky enough to stumble upon a kite surfing competition. If you don't know what kite surfing is, check out this a video I found on youtube of some incredible kite surfers.

Here are some pictures from the beautiful afternoon we spent watching the kite surfers at Tourmaline Surf Park and Beach

Dress-Free People

You know that friend who brings out the best in you? That kooky, fun, and silly side of you? Everyone should have one of those friends, and I'm so lucky Donna is that friend to me.  :)

I'm thankful for a wonderful weekend, and hopeful for a great week



Samantha said...

Ahhhhh this looks like so much fun! I am praying that LA has great weather this weekend so I can go to the beach! Speaking of beaches... which one should I go to?! I've been to Manhattan beach a few years ago and loved it!


Nicole Marie said...

aww i miss so cal beaches. look at all those kite surfers! crazyness! they do it in the bay too. i don't understand how because its so freaking cold and windy

Sarah said...

Yay for friends, beach dates, Free People, and ice cream trucks. That would make anyone's day perfect =)

- Sarah

Whitney & Devin said...

Your pictures are amazing!

DonnaOT said...

I had lots of fun too! Thanks Tammy

Julie said...

Wow that looks like so much fun! And those kind of friends are the best :)

Courtney said...

Hey Tammy! I absolutely love this dress on you! I think it's the sweetest. I love the embroidery on the neckline! Gorgeous gorgeous!
I love spontaneous friends. They are often the best ones.

Julip Made said...

So jealous that you can just drop things and head to a GORGEOUS beach like this!

Nicole said...

wow! that's so incredible!

i love love love beaches. then again i love all our pretty fall leaves too.

enjoy some sunshine for me!


Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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