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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Love My City... San Diego

Last week I guest blogged on Lara's lovely blog, Simply Irresistible.
Lara asked me to write about why I love San Diego.
Easy peasy right? San Diego is such an incredible place to live.

Hope you enjoy

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I've lived in San Diego for about two and a half years. I grew up in Orange County, went to college and grad school in Los Angeles, and then moved down to San Diego to be with the boy. I'm  now convinced that San Diego is the best place to live in Southern California.

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San Diego has lots of great places to eat but some of my favorites are:
1) Buon Appetito in Little Italy for yummy Italian food and a romantic setting. Check out the art galleries and street performers while you're there.
Vin de Syrah for a quiet night out with the girls. Syrah is an enchanting wine bar in downtown San Diego that has an incredible Alice in Wonderland feel.

 Hash Hash a go go in Hillcrest, The Coffee Cup at La Jolla Cove, and The Cottage at La Jolla Cove are some of my favorite brunch spots.  
My favorite boutiques in San Diego are Cecilia Boutique to shop for beautiful clothing/accessorie that are made by local designers, and Mimi & Red for lots of cute and unique clothing. Fashion Valley Mall has a great selection of stores and a great Bloomingdales (my weakness hehe).

A hidden spot in San Diego are the caves of La Jolla. Rent a kayak, take off from La Jolla Shores and head down the coast, and you'll soon reach these beautiful caves.
When I have visitors, three places I insist on taking them are

1) Balboa Park for the beautiful grounds, museums, hiking trails, outdoor concerts at the amphitheater, plays at the Old Globe, and the San Diego Zoo. 

2) La Jolla Cove for the beautiful beaches and to see the seals, go snorkeling and kayaking. There are some great restaurants and boutique here too.

3) Coronado Island to see the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado, incredible beaches, little restaurants, boutiques, and cozy small town feel
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If I have free day in the city I would wake up earlier than most people think is acceptable, and head to the beach for a relaxing yoga session. I'do some window shopping around the up and coming neighborhood Southpark, and then meet Nadav at the Port of San Diego. We'd walk around the harbor and have a late lunch and drinks at C-Level.
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One neighborhood I'd love to live in is Hillcrest. Hillcrest has so many great restaurants and boutiques, you can walk almost everywhere (which isn't the norm in Southern California), and the people watching is oh so good.
My favorite season in the city is summer because the weather is ideal for all outdoor and beach activities.
My favorite things about San Diego are its natural beauty and the active lifestyle I can lead here. I love to spend my time hanging out at the beach, riding my bike down the boardwalk, kayaking with the boy, hiking, and taking outdoor exercise classes.

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In 3 words I would describe San Diego as America's Finest City. 

Although I really really really love San Diego if I could move anywhere else tomorrow.... I would maybe move to Maui with the boy for a year, tops. Honestly though, I really wouldn't want to live anywhere but San Diego?! Maybe that's a cop out answer, but now that I live here I can't imagine living anywhere else. :)

And as Ron Burgundy would say, stay classy San Diego ;)

Happy Wednesday Bloggy Friends


Erin said...

Ha ha! Ron Burgandy...forgot how much I loved that movie. Coronado is such a sweet little town! Love visiting there!

Anna Elder said...

oh this makes me miss san diego! my brother lived in Mission and I had some friends in La Jolla while I was living in Huntington Beach. I'm still pretty fond of LA though. Really, just ALL of CA. :)

Brittany said...

you said it perfectly. love SD. it's the best place to live hands down.

Olivia.Dee said...

hash house... although aaamazing... ruins my appetite for about 3 days. and the cottage... so yumm!

Ashley said...

next time I visit SD I'm going to have to try out those brunch spots, they sound yummy! Have you ever gone to Hodad's? It's amazing if you're craving a burger & shake :)

Tabitha Lynn said...

I want to go visit SD. I've only been there once and it was for a Dave Matthews concert so I really only went to one place. The pics are amazing.


Britt said...

I would have to agree with you on this one! Each year I celebrate my bday in SD with my husband and we never want to leave. One day (hopefully) we will be able to call it home. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to visit San Diego, you just put flame in that fire ;)


Nicole Marie said...

thank you for this! my mom is always wanting to take day trips and san diego is always on our list. we've been to old town a lot but never la jolla. i want to see the caves and go to la cottage. looks so cute!

Amanda said...

I love this post! Now I have all kinds of places to check out!

mandyface said...

Thank you SO much for posting! I visit San Diego every year, and its awesome to find new, cool places to visit!

Laura said...

This post gets me excited because I'm moving to San Diego in June! This is my last winter in Wisconsin. And how fun you plans a blog get together, awesome! oh, and I'm visiting from Fab Friday Friends.


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