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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh How Pinterestinggg

No surprise here... I'm a tid bit obsessed with Pinterest
I'm linking up for another edition of Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday with Michelle of The Vintage Apple

Enjoy my lovelies, enjoy :)

How beautiful is this bike... sighh. Kate Spade you would make ever so happy if you decided to discount the price a tid bit for me. Special price for a blogger, eh eh? ;)

Awesome DIY necklace holder idea. I NEED to do this :)

Source: etsy.com via Tammy on Pinterest


Just sayinnn ;)

Sweet words to live by

A little inspiration...

A good reminder

Have a lovely Wednesday my dears :)


Erin said...

such a sweet jewelry rack!! :) those shoes are crazy but I am kinda digging them!

Olivia.Dee said...

that last one... i need that print in my home!!! so i can remember to not let myself have shitty friends :P

Stephanie said...

love that fitness one, so true!


nicole said...

that yoga pose is ridiculous. if only i hwas that strong.

The City Boy said...

I never knew kate spade made a bike...whats the price??

stopping by from the vintage apple :)


Allie said...

Since when does Kate Spade make bikes?? I want one! And that jewelry rack...it looks so easy to make, I have to make one :)


Lori said...

okay that exercise print seriously made me feel lazy .. like i need to go outside and run a mile instead of reading blogs, haha! love that kate spade bike... that green is epic!


Anonymous said...

That last quote really struck a chord with me today! Got one of those people in my life currently.


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