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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

Well friends it's Wednesday and that means it's time to link up with The Vintage Apple for another What I'm Pinning Wednesday

Let's get to it

Source: shopbop.com via Tammy on Pinterest


and take some time to check out my guest post on why I love San Diego over at Lara's lovely blog, Simply Irresistible. It should be posted this afternoon :)

Happy Wednesday lovelies :)



Holly said...

That puppy is sooo cute! Love the S'mores idea too!

Happy Wednesday :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Daniela said...

those first 2 pictures are amazing...I wish I was there now!

Samantha said...

The s'more goody is such a cute idea!


Whitney & Devin said...

HAHAHA! "She doesn't even go here!" In the beginning of the month I couldn't help but think "On October 3rd.. he asked me what day it was..."

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love: Mean girls, pilates wine and a slide instead of steps! Great round up!

Lara {simply irresistible} said...

Thanks for the guest post today!! I'm seriously jealous of all that warm beach time you two ladies discussed.

Katherine said...

Adorable puppy and love, love, love that draped Shopbop dress! Gorgeous :)

chanel said...

I wish I was a kid again so I could make my parent put that slide in our house...although we didn't have a second story so scratch that. I guess I'll just have to use that inspiration if I ever have a 2 story house! LOVE it and the s'more pack.


Anonymous said...

i heart comments too ~ love your blog tammy ~ what a cute blog name!! and these are great photos, i think that's a cockapoo puppy? ~ so cute!!
xx ~ ks

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Oooh I love all of your pins! The first picture really makes me want to go snorkeling! I also love the Albert Einstein poster about fairy tales...so true! xoxo

alyssa said...

what a cute post! i just joined pinterest and i'm following you...its such an addictive site, i love it!


Erin said...

Is that a maltipoo?! That dog needs to be mine! :) Ha ha love mean girls.

Vanessa said...

the smores idea is sooo cute!
i posted a pinterest challenge on my blog this week..so many great ideas & i want to actually start using some of them!

emenchho said...

haha...seriously love this post! You Pinterest people are starting to wear me down! I'm trying to avoid it so I don't get addicted, but with more posts like this, I'm gonna have to just do it. ha

Love the pup! The wine pilates is a riot! And I love love love snorkeling and the beach, so the first pic is a winner too!

Have a great day! :)


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