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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Photos And A Girly Kinda Day

Monday morning Farra called me and asked if I would be interested in coming over and taking some family photos of her cute family.
Duh. Yes please.
I'm kind of obsessed with her child and I like playing with my camera.
I am (obviously) not a professional.. not even close,
but we checked out Pinterest for some family photo inspiration
and ended up with, what I think, are some pretty cute photos. 

I know, I know baby Brendan is the cutest. Those curls get me every time.

After our little photo sesh
we went to Sushi Cafe for an all you can eat sushi lunchinner 
(lunchinner = a huge lunch that makes you so full it also counts as dinner)

I'm good with stix, probably a little too good. I can't say no to sushi.

My little sweater shawl/vest is made by Camilyn Leavitt and it's WONDERFUL. Check out her etsy shop!
 Beautiful lights in Free Preople

Frozen yogurt deliciousness

This kid, I love him. Sigh.

Our day was pretty much perfect...
it even included a little shopping at the Carlsbad Forum (for Farra.. I'm trying to cut back on my spending...)
and ended with some frozen yogurt.
Really now, there's no better way to end a girl's day than with frozen yogurt.

Can you tell I'm enjoying my vacation from work? ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day



Erin said...

Aw I know why....he is such a stinkin cutie!! :)

Anna Elder said...

mmmmmmm sushi. LOVE that 2nd shot. so so so cute!

Olivia.Dee said...

those pictures are wonderful! and can we talk about how jealous I am of you already being on work vacation. I still have 3 entire days to get through! rawr.

Jamie said...

He is adorable.

Hollie Ann said...

Yeah. I wish I had your vacation from work!! Is that sushi place good?? I'm a sushi newbie!

Dree said...

Oh my gosh, baby Brendan is the cutest! Your sushi lunchinner looks delicious.

Amira said...

The Carlsbad forum is only a few miles from my place! Isn't it dangerous over there? Btw, every time I read your blog I want sushi with an intense desire hahaha.

Hayley said...

I am glad you left your link I LOVE your blog! We are totally going through a house reno right now too! New follower here! And PS you are adorable! And I loved your Balboa photos, I took photos of most of the same houses!!


flat faced cat said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love how you styled the stripes with the Swagg. Yumm, now I want some sushi :)

Alyson said...

So great to discover your blog, too! Love it... I mean, sushi, frozen yogurt (filled with fun things I like, too!), adorable little babes in fun photos? So awesome! Happy hanukkah. Hoping you go for making the photo menorah. :)

Lost&Found said...

Seriously!?!?! Cutest baby ever! Those curls melt my heart!


Julip Made said...

That little one is ADORABLE and that sushi looks delicious! You are turning into an awesome photographer! Keep it up lady!


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