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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hair Cut Hair Cut

So on Saturday I paid a visit to one of the most fabulous individuals I know, Franco.
He's been cutting my hairs for a few years now, and let me tell you...
He is GOOD (and fabulous).

 I'm not much for change when it comes to cutting my hair
(well except for that time in high school when I literally chopped it all off.. and looked, uhm like a boy. It was traumatizing and will never, ever, ever happen again)

I guess I'm just one of those girls that attaches my "sexiness" to my hair.
Ya know what I mean?
I guess when my hair is short I just don't feel like my "more confident self".

However, I do think that short hair looks amazing on lots of women.
I also think it takes a very confident woman who doesn't feel the need to "hide" behind her hair to have a short cut.
I admire that, A LOT.

Anywho, Franco literally doesn't let me cut my hair short.
"Giirrlll, your hair looks goood... Giirlll let's keep your hair long"
(Have I mentioned that he's fabulous hehe)

Franco works at Koda Salon with a group of other incredible hair stylists. 
The salon just opened and is located at the La Jolla Cove
It's hip, but still manages to have an intimate friendly atmosphere. 
I pretty much love it. 

Koda Salon is having a grand opening party on Dec. 19 with free alcohol and giveaways (sounds fun eh?). Come check it out if you're in the area.

Have a good day my loves



Michelle P said...

Looks good! I'm getting a hair cut today, always nervous!

Samantha said...

Why is California just so stinkin' cool?? Free alcohol and giveaways at a Salon grand opening? That would NEVER happen in Wisconsin. Maybe some deep fried cheese curds... so not the same!


Gina said...

I never change my hair either and it has been the same forever. One day I might get brave and mix it up!

MK said...

Your hair always looks fab! I keep mine long now. There's nothing better than an awesome stylist. I go to a girl at the Paul Mitchell School and she's awesome!

Robyn said...

cute hair-but even cuter trousers with belt

Olivia.Dee said...

you're gorgeous! :]

Mish Lovin' Life said...

I'm looking for a new stylist!!
Is it really expensive?

Ash said...

ha Im the SAME way- after our wedding last year, I cut my hair to just at my shoulders... and I HATED it! I'll never cut my hair that short again! bahaha but I agree, I am so inspired and jealous of women who can pull off short hair- they are so confident and sexy.. but me, not so much.. I need long mermaid hair to feel okay (: What a fun trip to the salon!

whitney said...

i want to go to franco.

and i am with you on the short hair. i chop mine off every once in a while and regret it usually the next day. so i made my sister promise to talk me off the short hair ledge if i ever talk about doing it again.

but...giirrllll your hair DOES look gooodddd.

Jussie De Guida said...

Your hair looks amazing!! I totally am the same, I never cut my hair differently or dramatically it is too too traumatizing! PS I LOVE your camera strap, I have one too! Is yours an etsy find like mine?

Chandra said...

Everyone needs a Franco in their lives to tell them they look good! Love the long locks...keep them growin'!

and so it goes.... said...

I Love the colored denim w/ your chambray top!


Anna Walker said...

Your hair looks super super fabulous! :)
Seriously! I understand how longer hair makes you feel more womanly! Super cute hair! PS you just go a new follower!

Hope you're having a lovely day!


Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

i LOVE your green jeans! where did you get them?


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