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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some Sweet Things I Found During This Lazy Week

Just a little Pinterest action to fill your day.

Cutest little kid in the cutest list costume
Source: tumblr.com via Tammy on Pinterest

Sprinkles make everything better


Wantneed that skirt
Source: imgfave.com via Tammy on Pinterest

Source: kirtsy.com via Tammy on Pinterest

I NEED to do this

Love the idea of embracing red hair and lots of freckles :)


Goal: Try to make this by the end of this week:

Hope you enjoy your Wednesday.
As for me, I plan on trying to be a tid bit productive day.
A little boot camp action,
A little grocery shopping,
and just maybe a little attempt at some cooking and/or baking.
(True story: the boy gets ridiculously happy whenever I attempt to make anything edible hehe)



Michelle P said...

Love all of this!

Lauren said...

Love that sparkle key! and that bath tub/rain shower combo looks heavenly!

Erin said...

That key idea is so fun and simple! :) I am loving and needing that skirt now too!!

Sarah said...

love your pins! That little boy in the up costume is just precious! I love that outfit too!! aah, want!

Mish Lovin' Life said...

Love the pictures! (And so jealous you have this week off... I'm at work right now, and it basically blows.)

Hollie Ann said...

i love the little boy!! sooo cute! i hope someday my future kid is that cute!

Ashley said...

I love all of these pins... especially the adorable little boy dressed UP ;) So cute. Great choices!

Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

The Little Boy dressed up like that old guy from Up is my favorite. I also love that skirt!! I pinned that too.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

is it awful that i wanted to eat through the computer screen just now?!

Nicole Marie said...

the glitter key is awesome!

Sarah said...

I love your pins! I only dream of red hair. Haha.

Rochelle said...

Love your pins! I need to try the glitter on the keys.

Kara said...

That little boy is too sweet!! And I think I've found the recipe for those s'mores bars too. I've been dying to try them!

Anna Elder said...

I died the first time I saw the little boy.

Sprinkles DO make everything better!!

Enjoy your lazy week. I'm working on being lazy too. It's rough. :)

Whitney said...

Love all your pins, especially that s'mores one! I am a total sucker for warm chocolate and gooey marshmallows :)


Olivia.Dee said...

I always wish I was a red head... with freckles that pop in the summer sun. maybe 2012 will turn me into one. :]


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