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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

How's this for a super fancy party outfit?
Or a Pretty Pretty Princess Dress?
(Come on now, you know if you grew up in America you played that game as a child hehe)

Sparkle and shine

Fancy shmancy eh?
I've never worn anything so sparkly & shiny, but I think that's what made this dress stand out to me. 
It's a little pageant queen,
a little princessy,
even a little mermaidy,
and a lot of glam.
In conclusion, I like.

(Thanks for the fun sparkle & shine theme Alison)

Soooo, today is my last day of work for two weeks.
Hip hip hoorayyy

Last year at this time we had just closed escrow and were packing up our apartment. As you can tell from the last few home renovation posts our home was a disaster when we bought it. We spent many months just making the house liveable, and even lived with contractors for a few months.
Honestly last December, January, and March are a blur. I don't really remember much of last year's holidays, but I do remember that I was stressed. Very, very, VERY stressed. 
So stressed that I lost about 15 pounds in one month... yes, but that's a whole another blog post in itself hehe
Our house is finally coming together, and it's such a good feeling.

Anyway, I'm so thankful for these next few weeks...
Thankful I can relax in a sweet little house next to the beach,
Thankful that I can relax in this house with my boy,
Thankful that I get to celebrate Hanukkah with my friends and family,
and just thankful for some (crossing my fingers) calm in my life. 
(and hoping I get to see lots and lots of pretty Christmas lights)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



Roxy said...

Those shoes are amazing and so is the ring!!

Colette said...

That dress has awards show written all over it. Or super fancy SoCal blogger meet up. ;)

marissa at the boot said...

that dress...just, wow! have a great relaxing vacation!

Kelsey said...

that dress is to die for! and look - you made it in the 2nd row this week ... im in the 5th :( haha

ps. love u and all your wonderful words. promise to get back to your email today. made me smile lots when i read it.


whitney said...

that dress....i want it in my closet. NOW.

i wouldn't have anywhere to wear it to but i would just look at it and think: 'that's preeettyyyy'

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I have fallen madly in love with this dress!!
Love the pop of burgundy with it!

Have a wonderful weekend!! ;)

Ashley said...

That's the perfect princess gown!! Love your thankful list :) Enjoy the time with family and the boy!

briannelee said...

Love the earrings!!!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

I definitely eyed this dress!!! Well done putting it all together!! I love it princess :)

Cheryl E. said...

Oh my this dress is gorgeous! Loving the pieces you put together.

You have a new follower :) I found you from A Long Distance Love link up today.

Ash said...

oh yay! congrats on having a WAY less stressful year.. personally, I tend to put ON weight when I'm stressed (you lucky little devil) but to each his own... this dress is AMAZING.. I would wear it just to vacuum the house in, it's so fabulous.. and to answer your question, Crazy Stupid Love was perfect- you should watch it.. it was pretty good. and ryan gosling is just unREAL..

Olivia.Dee said...

i never played pretty pretty princess!!! I opted for Mall Madness instead... go figure. that dress is beyond... words! find me somewhere to wear that! next meetup maybe? ha.

Ana {Oh Simply Loving You!} said...


This is my kind of outfit! I love love everything here. From the dress, to the ring, shoes, and nail polish! Very elegant and so pricesssssss

Whitney & Devin said...

LOVE those shoes! I have been lusting after them for... a long time ;-)

Mae said...

ok, seriously I am *obsessed* with that dress. it is absolutely gorgeous!
you did a great job styling it!
enjoy your time off dear
Mae from Lili & Mae

siddathornton said...

yay! so glad that you will be able to enjoy this holiday season, with a little less stress. i know you have to be relieved that your house is really coming together - congratulations!

also, THAT DRESS. so fabulous. i wish i had somewhere to wear it!

have a great weekend.

Lindsay said...

I am pretty sure that one of my friends got me that game as a gift for like my 16th birthday!! :) Very pretty picks.

Stephanie said...

I so remember that game! Glad you are able to have a less stressful holiday season this year!

JKT said...

Hi! Visiting from Friday's Fancies....I'm loving it ALL. SO, so pretty :)


Jamie said...

Oy. I'm closing on a place at the end of Dec. we are about to start renovation hell!

Susan said...

Umm I definitely loved that game and was obsessed! That dress is gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend!

Stesha said...

seriously obsessed with it all!!!!

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