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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Work I Go

Going back to work yesterday after a two week vacation was rough, 
really rough.
My alarm went off in the morning and all I could think was "not ready, not ready".
Of course, I didn't sleep well the night before because I kept waking up and thinking about how I had to wake up early and go to work in the morning.
(End whiny voice)
I work with kids who have pretty severe disabilities and the kids respond best when my energy level is high and I'm feeling fun and silly.
Yesterday.. well finding that energy definitely required some effort,
and by 1:30pm I had been
spit on, kicked, and hit.
(and yes, such things happen regularly where I work so that's really not to big of a deal hehe)
Oh shenanigans,
today will be an easier day ;)

Anyway here are some of the pretty and yummy things I've been pinning lately

Straight up fabulous

Overnight french toast.. and it's made with challah, which just happens to be my favorite bread

I've concluded that bulldog puppies are the cutest things, ever.

Love these for Valentine's Day decor

Basement pool? Ridiculous... ridiculously awesome
Source: imgfave.com via Tony on Pinterest

Wantneed these shoes

Baked churros? Yummm

Bora Bora.. sigh

Love the pink and red combination.. I think I'm getting excited for Valentine's Day ;)

True Story. =P
Source: joann.com via Tammy on Pinterest

In typical Wednesday fashion, I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for another Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Lovelies



Kristin W said...

I know the feeling...I also work with kids with severe disabilities! I'm lucky enough to have a three week break, but it's almost worse. It is the hardest to return (bearing in mind our next "big" break isn't until April) after a long break. I have a feeling I can expect some student abuse when I return Monday as well. Hope your week improves!

Amanda said...

Omg! Well I hope today is better for you!! I'm loving ALL of your pins...especially the sequin wall!!

Michelle P said...

That pool is amazing! And work this week has been so tiring!

Kara said...

Oh, I would totally repin all of those if I could! Absolutely spectacular!

Jessica L. said...

Love the bulldog! Wanting another puppy... And I absolutely LOVE the pink and red outfit!-Jessica

LindsayNicole said...

Haha I love this post! Especially the last pic. And Bora Bora? Oh how I want to be there right now. Happy Wednesday/ Hump day!


Holly said...

Love the pins! The first one = amazing! And the puppy is adorable!

Ashley said...

Oh man. I'm totally with you. I'm just dragging today. And I only had a week off. I did the same thing too and couldn't sleep well on Monday night cuz I kept thinking I had to wake up early. It's amazing how easy it is to get out of routine but feels impossible to get into one. Cute pins! I looooove the bulldog :)

Amanda said...

Bulldog pups are definitely cuties! & I need to visit Bora-Bora soon!

Anna Elder said...

hmmmm…getting spit on does not sound like fun. at least it doesn't make you gag. i had a friend in high school who would literally gag at the sight of saliva. needless to say she got spit on a lot. haha

i NEED that sequined wall.

Erin said...

It is so hard to get through a day of teaching when you are left feeling tired and lacking energy...I can't even imagine how much harder it is working with children with disabilities. You are amazing and YES, those shoes are awesome! :) I want a puppy!!

Katherine Krieg said...

love all of these pins!! totally want to try that challah bread and that pool is UNREAL! good luck getting back into the swing of thigns - you do awesome work!

Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh, challah is delicious!

Sarah said...

Yesterday was my first day back at work in almost 2 weeks and it was definitely hard to get out of bed. I hope your day was a bit of an easier transition!! And I'm loving those black heels! So hot!!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love all your pins, my first day back is tomorrow and my 4am wake up will not be any fun. Bleh.


Christine said...

I love all of these. The office space it amazing. I would love to work there

lsaz said...

Hey, I am a new blogger and new follower. I love your blog! I live in San Diego as well.

Lauren Bird said...

Fantastic pins. Love that pool. I also believe bulldogs are the cutest! I am so glad you linked up to Scatter Girls : )

Breanna said...

Love your blog! Found it through Scatter girls link up!

Your pins are fabulous!

Breanna xx

Jodi Ann said...

You're such an amazing woman! Seriously, I tell my son's teachers/therapists all the time that they amaze me because it's not an easy job, but somehow you guys always have such a positive attitude. :) Even if you don't feel it right then. I hope you get some rest and the rest of the week transitions easily. I love all the pretty pictures!

Val said...

I will be dreaming about those heels and that yummy breakfast dish!

Hollie Ann said...

LOL--if you didn't hit or bite someone! such a trooper you are tammy :)


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