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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Green, But Not Really With Envy

Green has pretty much been my favorite color since I can remember.
I think I once heard that redheads look good in green,
and I think that stuck with me. Tehehe

No, but really..
I really love the color green, in pretty much any shade.
I even insisted that we paint two walls in our kitchen green.
Check that out here

When AV asked us to make an outfit inspired by a color we really like I knew I wanted to find a dress that was green, unique, and bee-you-tea-full.
color crush

Pretty eh?
Too bad the dress costs, cough, $1000+..
I somehow always manage to pick out Friday Fancy outfits that cost thousands of dollars hehe
Dream Dream Dreammmm

 In other news,
This weekend is going to be fabulous because
Kelsey, Kai, Olivia, (crossing my fingers) Stephanie, and little ole me will be going on a little girly blogger getaway to Santa Barbara.

I am oh so excited about it.
These ladies are the beeessstttt.
I promise we'll all have lots of fun photos to share from our trip next week.

Big big hooray for blogger friends turned into real life friends.
I'm a lucky girl. :)

And just in case I haven't nagged you about it enough..cough.
I'm planning the SoCal Blogger Meetup with these ladies (and Hollie).
It's going to be on Feb. 4 in San Diego,
and I promise it will be a fun fun time
with good food, drinks, a raffle, and you'll even leave with swag bags.
(You know you love some swag heh)
You can find out more and register here

SoCal Blogger Meet-Up

Wishing you a happy happy weekend,

Linking up with AV & Kori


Ashlyn said...

well first of all -- have a blast in Santa Barbara :] jealous! i love girl get-a-way weekends. i don't have them enough.

& as for the green -- green is such a pretty color. & red heads do look good in green :] no wonder it is my moms favorite color ;) -- really loving that nail polish!



Anna (A Newfound Treasure) said...

I am always a sucker for green. Really love those earring you picked! So beautiful!!


Shabbychicdiva said...

Love the green dress, simply beautiful! Have a great weekend~♥Winona

Erin said...

Have fun on your trip!! :)

That color green is beautiful! :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I LOVE THAT DRESS...with those heels! Ahhmazing.

Robyn said...

love the dress-but the price tag sucks!

Cheryl E. said...

Oh that green dress is so beautiful! Love it!

So jealous of your blogger meet up. I have always wanted to go to one.

Hope you have a fun weekend:)


Kara said...

Yay! I hope that you all have an amazing time! I'd love to come to California sometime

Ana {Oh Simply Loving You!} said...

The green dress is stunning... I need a party to go to so I can buy a dress just like that!

briannelee said...

I love that dress and those earrings! Gorgeous.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Enter my Leuer earring giveaway:


holtkamp said...

i love it all! i just found your blog through liz in amsterdam - hello! as a SD native living on the east coast, your posts and pictures make me miss home so much! have a great weekend! -jen

meghan said...

I really love those earrings. I've been seeing a bunch lately at different jewelry shops, and I like the hammered metal look and the heaviness to them without being overwhelming.

Ashlyn said...

ps your newest follower thru Friday followed -- tried to add you last night & couldn't :)

Val Fox said...

Have fun at your blogger event! That green is just perfect! I'm going to have to do my color crush outfit next week since I mixed up the dates of the outfit inspiration one!

The City Boy said...

i love a good green as well, but sometimes they are hard to find.

who is the dress by?


Hayley said...

Posting this here too so you see it...

@Tammy We used Frazee Paint because that is the company our painter worked with. We redid plumbing a bit as well, we had so many costs arise we didnt expect in the beginning!

I suggest painting on a week that looks like the temperatures are going to be warm and not too damp, we had a lot of paint peel off of the steps because it got so dewey and had to have it redone 3 times!

Good luck cant wait to see it!

melissa said...

So glad we've found each other in the blogging world :)!

I'M green with envy about the socoal blogger meet-up. (1) I wish I was in Cali and (2) I want to make my blogger friends real life friends :)

Have fun in Santa Barbara!

Punctuation Mark said...

that dress is amazing... very feminine!

April said...

That dress is amazing! Beautiful color!

Meg {henninglove} said...

loving that green dress and the draping on it! really gorgeous. have a wonderful weekend tammy

Kim said...

Love the earrings

I am currently doing a fashion and beauty blog hop on my blog! come and join in the fun!



K said...

I saw that dress on Polyvore too and used it in an outfit - was SO bummed about the price! It's beautiful!!
Sweet blog by the way! First time visiting :)


Daisy said...

Super cute outfit but 1,000 is just slightly out of budget. lol

V.V. Gonz said...

Have fun! Im sure you will with Olivia as your Tour Guide

Ginny said...

I'm loving that green dress...absolutely beautiful!! Hopped on over from Kori's and I'm a new follower!!


Elisabeth said...

super cute :) i'm your newest follower over from hollies and i'd love for you to follow me back!


Kori Donahue said...

Thanks for linking up today honey! Hope you have a great weekend!~ Kori xoxo

huda said...

woow great post
new follower of ur blog
follow back my blog

Christine said...

I love the green dress. Classy and fabulous :)

Deidre said...

The dress is absolutely STUNNING and I do think that redheads looks fab in green :)

Melu103 said...

Hi love :)
it was so nice of you to leave
me that comment!

i been wanting to meet up with
bloggers for a while and i was
super excited when i saw the
blogger meet up @ Kai's blog.

Unfortunately I googled the
address and its like 3 hours
away from San Fernando Valley.
I don't drive and my cousin
wants to join but she is not
so happy about driving back
and forth 6 hours.

I would love to see if we
can carpool with other girls.
Let me know how i can contact
them or who they are because
we really want to join all of you!


melina <3

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

Hi Tammy! You know I love the green dress! Super cute. Loving your blog and your blog's name! I hope you are having a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog from Hollie's Follow Friday. I'm following you now, and can't wait to read more!

Have a good weekend!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Love the green dress quite pricey but beautiful.

Katie {katie lately} said...

new follower from FF!! :) PS redheads really do look good in green!

Anonymous said...

Green is really my favorite color too, all shades of it. My kitchen and spare bedroom are green, and I have to force myself to pick other colors when painting & decorating. :-)

Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

LOVE that green dress! Green is one of my favorite colors too! New follower! :)

Halina said...

This sound like the perfect recipe for a weekend. I really hope I get the chance to make real life friends with my bloggermates! They seem like the greatest :D

Chelle said...

Oookay, that dress is drop dead gorgeous! I've never been a huge fan of the colour green but I think you've just changed my mind! Love your blog, so happy I stumbled across it :)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Xo Chelle

Kristin W said...

I'm a HUGE fan of green! I adore that dress!

Nicole Rene said...

As a fellow ginger, I have to say I should be ashamed because I just hate wearing green & it looks so good on us gingers. But that dress is just absolutely fabulous!!!!!!


Shellsea said...

I love the color green too. More than one of my polyvore sets features a green dress.


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