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Friday, January 6, 2012

The SoCal Blogger Meetup

We are oh so excited to invite you to the 
Second SoCal Blogger Meetup
on February 4 from 1pm-4pm.
The meetup will be held at Roppongi's at the La Jolla Cove.

If you do attend we promise that you
will meet some incredible ladies,
have yummy food,
enjoy good drinks,
play a fun game of two, 
and will leave with lots and lots of goodies.

You can learn more and register here


We would love it if you could join us
and help us spread the word by grabbing this button and posting it on your blog.

Hollie, Kai, Kelsey, Olivia, Stephanie, and little ole me.

We're looking for some great shop owners to contribute items to the meetup goody bags and a raffle.
If you're interested in sponsoring our meetup, make sure you send an email my way or comment below.


Samantha said...

I am incredibly jealous! I need to move to SoCal. Do you notice a trend in all my comments? I kind of love CA... :) Have fun ladies!


Olivia.Dee said...

My post went live 10 minutes ago! yeahhhh!!! :]

Hollie Ann said...

Ah I need to post this today! I didn't go home last night & my computer game was thrown OFF! That sounds bad...I was at my boyfriend's haha. I'll try to sneak it in at work!

Jussie De Guida said...

I wish I could go to this!! It's going to be so fun, I hope you all have a good time. PS I'm a little bit jealous!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

this is lovely. just lovely.

Amira said...

Eeeeek, I'm really excited! But kinda nervous too hehe. xo.

becky said...

I'm registered. I'm going! I'm excited. I hope Kai doesn't object to her mom going.... but heck ... I have a blog, right?

Ash said...

i'll be there this time, for sure... (is it ok if i drag the hubby along? i'll make him pay, tell jokes, and be delightful all evening, promise (: ???)

Jessica L. said...

Ooooh, this is so exciting! Sounds like so much fun!-Jessica


Kendra said...

Oh, I wish I still lived over there in Sunny so cal! This sounds like a lot of fun!

Iva Messy said...

That is so exciting and will be super fun!

Kristina Gulino said...

Awesome! Thanks for the invite, I'll be there!

Something 2 Write About

Nicole Marie said...

wish i could be there!

dani said...

I'm seriously bummed that I'll be out of town on the 4th! :( I hope I can make it to #3!

Smith, Here! said...

Such a cute idea! I love it.

Julip Made said...

This sounds awesome and makes me wish even more I lived there!


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