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Monday, February 20, 2012


 Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring LA&B. I would love to help you promote your shop, business, or blog.
LA&B has been featured on Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn, a top renovation and cooking website, and was featured as Jigsaw London's Pieces of the Puzzle program that features bloggers "who are stylish and effortlessly chic..." (Jigsaw London). Additionally, I have worked with restaurants, local businesses, and PR agencies to host a number of successful blogger meetups in the San Diego area.

LA&B Stats (as of 10/13/2012)
-1015 GFC Followers, 213 Bloglovin Followers, 329 Facebook Followers
-1012 Twitter Followers
-1500+ page views per day
-22,000 page views last month
-217,000 page views all time
and growing each day

I currently offer 4 ad packages and they go a little something like this...

I also love to do reviews and host giveaways, assuming the item being reviewed/offered is reflective of my personal taste and/or style. Interested, send over an email and we can figure out if you'll be a good fit.



Clare Christine said...

That sounds great! I hope you have a wonderful time at your conference and best of luck in your fundraising efforts. Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!
Twirling Clare

christin said...

oh awesome! i guess i should register for that since i do live in NYC!

methinks i'll buy some space on ye olde blog.

Sarah said...

How fun! I am so jealous! You are going to have SUCH a blast =)

- Sarah

Kristina Gulino said...

Very very exciting!! And what a great way to help fund your trip. I would love to attend, but right now it doesn't seem possible cost wise. Fun to see that you're going with your SoCal meetup girls! You guys will have a SERIOUS blast. Looking forward to reading more about it, and I'd love to snatch up an ad space from you to help you out!

Nook & Sea

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for BlogHer!! I love the idea of sponsors to fund the trip. Mind if I borrow that idea too? :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

that's a good idea to have your trip funded! conferences can be so pricy, especially BlogHer, lol! i went a couple years ago and had a good time. my biggest tip is to take advantage of the parties and plan fun offsite things with some of the people you meet!

Emily said...

Well done, chica. Your blog is growing super fast! That must feel great. And what a great idea to raise funds on the blog to put toward BlogHer :)

ally (the ruffled lace) said...

i keep seeing these red pants! love em xxx

Nicole Marie said...

like the biggest procrastinator that i am... just sent payment :)

Ski Geek said...

Couldn't find your email...can I get a regular ad space for September?


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