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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Happy List

Back a long, long time ago
(ok not really, more like a few months ago),
but before the blogger meetups,
before BlogHer,
before I met the most wonderful people through blogging..
I used to post a weekly Happy List on my blog.
I'm not quite sure why I stopped making these lists, but somehow I think *blogging* got in the way. I guess you could say that I somehow forgot how happy making those Happy Lists made me, and ya know what?
I decided to bring that Happy List thing back. 

I give you,
A Happy List
1. Buying travel backpacks with my man for a hopefully upcoming summer trip to Europe! (Crossing fingers!)
2. Realizing that I am a pretty decent baker. Amazing what owning a Kitchenaid mixer will teach you
 3. Funny text messages from my dad. (Seriously, a few weeks ago he texted me a picture of my parents' new mirrored bathroom vanity. The next text said, "Now I can watch myself poop." oy)
4. Dinner dates with Kelsey, Stephanie, and Olivia. I am so incredibly lucky that this whole blogging this has brought such wonderful people into my life.
 5. Sharing occupational therapy strategies with the teachers I work with and watching them incorporate the strategies into their curriculum. Aahh team work
6. Golden Spoon frozen yogurt, it never ever gets old.. and it's pretty much my favorite thing to have for dinner, ever. (Nadav will never accept it, but I have informed him that if he wants to keep me around he needs to accept my Golden Spoon needs.)
7. Watching the avocados in our backyard grow =) There will be yummy guacamole in our near future
8. This kid (aka Farra's son). I am kind of in love with him. I mean really, just take in those curls and those bright blue eyes. LOVE.
9. Wearing my sunglasses over my eyeglasses. I say embrace the nerdy
10. A sunset dinner at the beach

Ahhh Happy Lists,
they just feel so good.

Wishing you a happy happy Thursday.

Mrs Stephanie T

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Emily said...

Avocados & froyo=definite happy place.

When my dad discovered the "Damn You Autocorrect" website...he thought it was so hilarious that it inspired him to start texting more, in hopes of getting a funny autocorrect someday.

Love dads :)

christin said...

I really really really want a kitchenaid mixer. But it's a camera or a kitchenaid...and that is a tough choice!

Michelle P said...

Yum I love froyo!

Kara said...

I cannot even remember the last time I had froyo. I know what I'm doing tonight! You should make this a linkup. I would totally do this every week. :)

DJ said...

One of my goals in life is to someday have a fruit tree (or bush), so I'm very jealous of your avocado tree! (that is a tree, right?) I recently revealed this dream to my dad who informed me that we had blackberries in our backyard my whole life. Thanks for telling me, guys...

I also think having a funny dad is the best thing ever :)

Lauren said...

Ah that frozen yogurt looks super yummy!! I can't wait for summer to return to Toronto so I can get some of that goodness!! Also, where did you buy your travel backpacks? My husband and I are going to Europe in 2 months and need to get our butts in gear and buy some!
Lauren @ Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees

Amira said...

I thought I was the only one who wore sunglasses over my eyeglasses! Nerds unite :-)

Joni said...

i am jealous of your avocado tree. i love guac!

Brenna said...

Honestly- all of your happy list, made me happy! I love avocados... bloggy friend meet ups and fro-yo!! Great list!

Tannita said...

When you are ready to use those avocados from that fruitful tree let me know. I have a great recipe for Guacamole. ♥♥

Stephanie Thigpen said...

woop! i made your little bits of happiness. :)

Sarah said...

Ya, I think my kitchen aide mixer would definitely make it's way onto my happy list too. I hope you trip ends up happening! How exciting.

- Sarah

V.V. Gonz said...

this post makes me feel warm and fussy inside!

Life in Loveland said...

super cute blog! love my kitchenaid mixer like it's a child. Have a great weekend! I'd love to hear from you :)



pinkpeonie said...

reading great blogs like ahem, yours! love your attitude! your dad is hilarious!

Mayra Romero said...

Love this post!

Bri Rios said...

I got a kitchenaid as a wedding present and I'm seriously in love with the thing!!! It definitely makes me feel like a better baker :D


Daisy said...

What a great list! I really hope I get a kitchen aid mixer for the wedding, haha. You do seem to put it to good use :)

Tammy said...

I love your name. AND, I love this list. Very awesome. Looks like a good, happy week indeed!!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

i wear my sunglasses over my glasses too! but i bet you do it in the privacy of your car. i freely do it out and about in beverly hills... i am so UNCOOL!

Joan said...

OMG I want froYO right nowww!

Samantha said...

Love your happy list! And your dads text made me laugh out loud. Too funny!!!!


Farra said...

Cute post, my dear! Oh, and cute baby. I can't believe he is mine! I really want Golden Spoon now!



Hollie Ann said...

i loooooooooooooove the happy list idea! and yeah we do yogurtland....nothing better than frozen yogurt!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I love your list. Avocados in the back yard, that's amazing. So jealous.

Happy Thursday lovely


Emily Hope said...

I totally rock the sunglasses eyeglasses look. All the cool kids are doing it!

Anonymous said...

Your list definitely made me happy!! Love the avocados, sunsets, and blog friends :)

Nicole Marie said...

golden spoon!!! i want!! miss it!

Olivia.Dee said...

sunglasses over glasses!? oy!

Kristin W said...

Love this! I seriously need a happy list in my life.

Travel backpacks?! Yes! D and I took a month long trip to Europe back in 2009 (where we got engaged too!), and it was literally the best time of my life. Hope it works out for you!

Megan said...

oh god. kitchen aid and golden spoon. be still my american heart.


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