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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's a Madewell Private Shopping Party

Do you live in the Southern California area?
Do you love yourself some Madewell?
Good. We'll probably get along,
and I think you should try to make it out to South Coast Plaza on Thursday night for a private shopping event at Madewell. =P

(Cough 50% off sale items, cough!!)

Let's take advantage of some sweet deals and get to know some fun ladies 

See you there :)



Anna said...

Jealous! Wish I lived in California so I could attend!!

PS - Thank you SO much for the sweet words about my blog and adding it to your "favorites" list!! I feel so honored!! :)


Ash said...

I WISH I LIVED CLOSER!!!! bahaha even just ten or twenty miles closer... please get your shop on for me, and know that when you are contemplating if something looks good on you, i say it does.. (except for that top, that top wasn't the best choice..) hehehe


Daisy said...

No way! I live in Southern California. I like to shop. Hopefully I can make it :)

Shannon said...

What fun! I'm going to try to make it.


Kristina Gulino said...

Have fun! Loving your new header by the way, xo

Nook & Sea

Olivia.Dee said...

i'm so bummed i'm missing this. feel free to buy me something pretty!

Hollie Ann said...

as you probably concluded...i cant go...wahhhh!

but cant waitt to read about it!!


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