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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sponsoring It Up

Thank you to each and every amazing lady who joined us today at the SoCal Blogger Meetup.
I'm so lucky to have met all of you, and to be honest...
I'm still on a high from today's festivities!

We had lots and lots of great sponsors contribute goodies to the event and we want to make sure they're recognized. If you devoted a blog post to one of the sponsors that I have listed below please link it up here. We want to make sure the sponsors see your lovely posts :)

Olivia, Stephanie, Kai, Hollie, and myself all put in a lot of time lining up our sponsors. Make sure you stop by the other girls' blogs and thank them for all their hard work. :)

And now, for your viewing pleasure,
the oh so important list of
(We heart our sponsors!)

The Cravory
Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza
Moo Cards (use this link to order your 50 free business cards!)
Bohemian Honey Boutique (opening on February 14)
AJ from Fox
A very very special thank you to Roppongi's for opening their beautiful restaurant to us, providing us with great service, filling our stomachs with lots of yummy food, and keeping the drinks following all afternoon. 
If you haven't already tried Roppongi's in La Jolla GO GO GOO. You will love it!
They have a REALLY good happy hour and their food is bommmmb! :)

If you joined us at the meetup today make sure you head over to Stephanie's blog and linkup



Lauren said...

Sounds like a great time!! Cute photo :)

Colette said...

Sounds like yet another amazing party. #3 is in the works, right? Because I'm not missing the next one!

Olivia.Dee said...

oh Tamms... you're awesome!

Heather Toner said...

So bummed I missed this! Can I come next time? ;)

Alexa said...

Had such a great time! You girls did a great job, thanks so much for organizing! xo

Elisabeth said...

this looks like so much fun - i'm hosting a provo area byu bloggers meet up in utah in a little over a month and would love to talk to you about how you had this organized and got so many sponsors!

Ashley Berthelot said...

We are so happy the meet-up was such a success and honored to be a sponsor!

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