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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coronado Coronado

When my bestie Gila came to visit we ventured down to Coronado to be tourists for a bit.
I love Coronado Island, but I just don’t get down there as much as a I should (cough once a year).
It’s just that driving across the bridge and driving past downtown San Diego doesn’t happen too often in my life.
(If you’re from San Diego, I know you you get what I’m saying here)

Anyway, I really need to get my butt across that bridge more often because Coronado Island really is one of my favorite places in San Diego.
The beaches, the beautiful homes, the yummy restaurants, and the Hotel Del…
It's a really special place



Beautiful Hotel Del


The shoes Gila wears to brunch (boots) and the shoes (running shoes) I wear to brunch. I think this pictures says a lot about our personalities ;)


We went to Clayton’s for brunch and it was so so good. The restaurant looks like a 1950s diner and there are juke boxes at each table. There is a bit of a wait but it’s so worth it.

Just a picture of hot chocolate… aka a sneaky way to slip in a picture of my new nail polish ;)

and in other news...
I'm counting down the days until spring break.
This week is going by oh so slowly, and I need a break.
(I know, I know.. I will cut the whining immediately)

Have a happy day =P

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Amy and the City said...

I love that mint coloured nail polish!!
Not too mention that hot chocolate looks so Devine!
Amy xo

Nakita Lili said...

I love Coronado, such a fun place! We went there on our honeymoon! i cannot wait until we go back! I also love that colored nail polish!

Gina said...

I love Coronado and agreed - I don't get there enough! I tend to go a few times a year when we have a visitor and I always love it :).

Cara-Mia said...

Pretty nails! And Coronado is great. :)

Ash said...

love the nail polish! and geez, it's been two years since we've been to the hotel del.. but i LOVE it there- i always feel so fancy (:

when is your spring break! we are on the boys spring break already- and they get two weeks!

cynthia said...

I just went to the Hotel Del to meet a friend from out of town for drinks last month. It IS nice over on that island, but I totally know what you are saying about getting "past downtown". I rarely even get TO downton unless it's for a Padres game. :) I want to try Clayton's, though! I love diners. And that happens to be my boyfriend's name!

Jessica Rose Delee said...

LOVE the mint green nail polish girl! xo

Britt said...

My husband and I always say we will have known we've made it when we can live on Coronado! Next time we are there we will have to try out Clayton's. Thanks for the rec.

TheeFknGoddess said...

Yay I found another SoCal blogger! Maybe we can organize some kind of meetup! :)

Melissa said...

Ah, I love the del Coronado! I stayed there when I was really young, seven years old maybe? I loved the hotel but also got an awful sunburn that resulted in huge water blisters.

The Difference a Decade Makes said...

Great photos -- looks like a beautiful day!


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