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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

This is my mom… and it’s her birthday today.
Quick look at her picture(s) before she calls me in .025 seconds and tells me I better take her pictures off of my blog.. and yes I put lots of pictures up today. Love you mom!
(Cough, I can assure you she's straight up yelling at me on the phone right now hehe)

Happy Happy Birthday Mom
I love you.

Nadav Birthday 015
A few years ago, but seriously.. how cute are my parents?!
My mom is straight up amazing, she is has always been my role model.
She’s an artist,
a professional dancer,
a teacher,
a world traveler,
she should have been an interior designer ,
she’s my mom
and well look at her, she’s beautiful.

Mother's Day Montage 003
A few years ago at The Montage in Laguna Niguel.
To say I’m a lot like her is a serious understatement.
We think alike, talk alike, look alike, like the same music, get annoyed about the same things =P, and well, we love alike
(it’s kind of funny, I treat Nadav a lot like she treats my Dad. You can ask the men in my life if that’s a good thing).
I love that I am just like her, she's always been the woman I admire most in the world.
I only wish I was as creative and stylish as her. Just wait until I post the pictures from their kitchen renovation. My mom designed the entire thing and it's going to be ridiculous!

My Mom, I love her with all of my being.. every little bit, and I know I would be lost without her.
I am so so thankful for her.

Happy Birthday Mom
All of us at celebrating my dad's birthday a month ago.


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Kara said...

You're too sweet! I'm glad you and your mom get along so perfectly. Not many people are that lucky!

Lauren said...

aww!! i love moms! mine HATES taking pictures so she might have the same reaction if i put her pics on my blog as well!

Anna said...

happy birthday to your momma! today is my dad's birthday too!! great day! :)

Tannita said...

The family is adorable. I see where you get your beautiful locks from.♥

Jussie De Guida said...

Happy birthday to your Mom! Um can she teach me to dance? [Go professional dancer] !! Also, can she help me decorate? Okay enough, it's so nice to see some one gush over their Mom! Happy, happy birthday to her.

Ash said...

aww... happy birthday momma!

moms are the best (:

Cara-Mia said...

Aw so sweet! Happy birthday to your mom, she sounds great. :D

Anna said...

If your mom is anything like my mom, she probably teared up a bit while reading this. SUCH a great birthday gift!

Stephanie said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your mom!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Awww Happy birthday to your mom!!

Anna Elder said...

Happy birthday to your momma!! Of course I can't wait to see her kitchen reno!!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!! :D

Olivia.Dee said...

happy birthday mom!!!

DJ said...

You guys do look alike! She must be a great person to inspire a post like this. You're lucky to have each other :)

Jamie said...

Such a beautiful and sweet mom, she seems like an amazing woman!

Kate said...

That's so funny, my mom's birthday is the same day! Happy belated birthday to your mom!


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