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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Mermaid Chronicles

You know those dreams you had when you were a little kid?
Well, in many of my childhood dreams I was a mermaid. I think that had to do with my love for Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
Ok in my other childhood/adolescent dreams I had Cher's closet in the movie "Clueless", but that's neither here nor there...

As I grew older I started to dream about being a really cool California surfer girl.
Well, I obviously fail at the "cool" part. ;)
I’m pretty sure I’ve got the California girl thing under control, but the surfer part?
Let’s just say I have a lot to learn (read: I have serious difficulties laying flat on the board without sliding off of it hehe. Eh.)
One day, one day...

Yup, that's Devon
Then there was the day Devon's blog came into my life, and she totally has that cool California surfer girl thing down.
Let's be honest..
When I first found Devon’s blog, The Mermaid Chronicles, I was pretty much in awe of her.
Not only is she a pro-surfer (we’re talking serious business here, she’s sponsored by Roxy and other awesome brands),
she’s also beautiful, an engaging writer, so sweet in real life (yup I know this first hand), and has traveled and surfed all over the world.
Basically, she’s pretty much the ish… and it's ok to feel a little jealous ;)

Beach Barbie & Ken Devon & her husband

And apparently, she writes the loveliest poetry.
Is there anything she can’t do?
Guess not.

Dolphin Breath by Devon DeMint
It was so still and grey on this March day.
The waves were gone, playing in other seas,
And pelicans flew by quietly.
The ocean had no texture to knock me off my feet.
The water was so clear I could see detail in the reef.
The cloud cover made me feel like I was in a cozy room.
I felt warm and content despite the gloom.
The breath of the dolphin was louder than the sea.
I felt, as I paddled, that the animals were spying on me.

Devon inspires me each day,
I bet she'll inspire you too.


Samantha said...

She is gorgeous! I've always wanted to try surfing! Definitely checking out her blog now. :)


christin said...

holy crap! she is surfer barbie! and i want to learn to surf preferably on the west coast because the east coast is freezing.

mrs. k said...

love her & her blog!

Amira said...

She is GORGEOUS! Was she at the So Cal Meet-up? I remember someone that everyone thought was Devon but ended up being another surfer looking girl :-)

Jussie De Guida said...

I too wanted to have Cher's closet! I love finding new blogs, especially ones where I can be jealous of where they live. Particularly in California ;)

Michelle P said...

I found her blog the other day and I love it!

Sam said...

Oh my gosh, I love her blog!!! She is so inspiring and beautiful! I see her and just want to make all of my dreams come true! Including trying to surf lol :)


Melissa said...

She is gorgeous! Gonna go check out her blog soon! I always wanted to be a mermaid when I was little and remember the moment in a grocery store when my mom tried to tell me that mermaids aren't real. I still don't believe her.

Emily said...

Devon's awesome and I love her blog.

Tammy, you did a beautiful write up of her :)

Olivia.Dee said...

seriously lady... great post! Devon is all kinds of amazing.

Catherine said...

I love Devon! She seriously does look like Barbie in that photo.


Anna Elder said...

I love her blog! I wish I could surf, and her photos are amazing!

Ronida said...

I love Devon's blog. She mentioned your blog and now I'm a new follower.... She's really a cool surfer... <3

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love Devon! I wish I still lived in my hometown of SD, so I could meet her IRL too!


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