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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh Yes, That Happy List

Ah that Happy List.
I was driving home from work today and feeling pms-y tired and thinking about my Happy List.
And that’s when it hit me…
(hallelujah, hallelujah)
Seriously, spring break could not have come at a better time. I was just about to hit that “I really, really need a break” time in the school year.
So stoked right now… oh the perks of working at a school.

Now about that happy list

1. Spring Break, have I told you that I love you?? Oh cuz I do…
2. That I will finally have some time to watch The Hunger Games, even if I have to go by myself. =P
3. Babysitting Nadav’s nephew… I just want to smother the kid in kisses
4. Photoshop For Bloggers has finally helped lessen some of my Photoshop anxiety. You might just start seeing some fun Photoshop action up in hurrrr.
5. Mad Men is back. The wardrobes, the drama, the sleaziness, and John Hamm I love it all.
6. Have I mentioned that I put myself on a shopping freeze for the month of March? Well I have, I’m doing ok, and to be honest… I’m proud of myself!
7. This picture. I know, I know I posted it yesterday… but it makes me happy.
8.  Passover is almost here, and even though it means that I can’t have bread for a week, I love that it gives me the opportunity to celebrate my heritage with the people I love the most.
9. These ladies, blogging, and our day at the beach.
10. Blog Giveaways!
The winner of the Scentsy goodness is...
Emily B.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congrats =)
Now make sure you check back really, really soon for another fun giveaway (I promise it's a good one) 

Have a happy day friends

Mrs Stephanie T


Emily said...

Hooray for spring break & Hunger Games.

And the picture of Nadav's nephew??? omg. those eyes.

Kara said...

Such a great happy list! So jealous of your spring break. I could really go for a nice vacation. I've been meaning to do a shopping freeze for a very long time now. I spend way too much money! Love that picture of you and Nadav, so in love!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

So close to Spring Break! Enjoy every single second of it :)

Your blog always makes me wish I lived in San Diego...I love the last picture of all you blog ladies!


Jussie De Guida said...

Yayyy for spring break, you must be thrilled to have some time off!! I love how Nadav is holding your DSLR with the girly camera strap and a polka dot bag, he's a good guy :)

Olivia.Dee said...

love the list of course. and little baby boy is beyond precious!!! but that last photo... amazeballs!

Punky J said...

I think Suzanne Collins or the producers of the film should be paying my enthusiasm by now for The Hunger Games. Every time it is so much as mentioned I do dances in my seat and feel obliged to comment back on those who mention it. UM, the movie is super good. And I have a little (huge) crush on Peeta/Josh Hutcherson/both. Looking forward to a recap from you!

PS. the button I was using from ya is broken... had to snag a diff one. Just wanted to let you now in case you have yet to notice.

Happy almost Spring Break!

Ash said...

oh our wall pictures are RIDICULOUS.. and i LOVE them (i'm posting mine tomorrow, so you have to check it out!)

kristy said...

yay for spring break & the hunger games! i went alone. i think i liked it even more that way LOL.

and thanks for sharing the tip about photoshop for bloggers - i NEED it :)

mommatojoa said...

Love your happy list.
And look at that sweet baby! I would smother him in kisses too!

Erinn said...

A shopping freeze eh? I think that sounds like a good idea for april for me...

cynthia said...

*SIGH* (that's a BIG sigh)... I miss Spring Break.

Bethany said...

That pic of you two is so funny! And oh my good is Nadav’s nephew cute or what?!

Lauryn said...

This is such a happy post, I love it. #7 and that photo of you two especially! I love it when moments like that are captured :)

Did you make it to see the The Hunger Games yet? I was up way past my bedtime seeing it again last night!


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