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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On This Whole Blogging Thing

Sometimes I think back over the past few years, and realize that I wish I had started blogging way back when.
Back when I was in college, grad school, traveling, moving, growing up.
Back when I lacked the strength to put myself out there,
Back when I lacked the dedication to blog.
Back when I had no idea what blogging would bring to my life.
But mostly, I wish I had started blogging way back when so I could remember and document.
I think about all the pictures I could have and should have taken, but didn’t.
The moments I should have held onto, and the moments I did but didn't appreciate as much as I should have.
I guess that's part of growing up too...
Realizing what is important, and what makes you come alive.

This blogging thing?
Well it makes me come alive.
These days, I never miss a chance to stop and take a photo, to network, and to make new friends.
I go out at night more than I used to, I leave the house more than I used to, and I appreciate the beauty and *energy* around me way more than I used to.
I just had a good friend/coworker tell me that she's noticed I'm much happier since I've started blogging, and I'm a lot nicer to be around.
I guess finding something you really love to do and working at it, will bring you happiness.
It’s beautiful thing,
this whole blogging thing.

I am well aware that there are negatives associated with blogging…
learning to balance blogging and life is a process,
there is some loss of privacy,
the judgment of others, both bloggers and non-bloggers (and hmm.. for me, it’s been a few of the non-bloggers in my personal life).

But this whole blogging thing has brought me an awareness, a new outlook, and a positivity that definitely wasn’t there before.
For that, and much more, I am grateful.

So thankful for these bloggers turned good friends

How has blogging changed your life?

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Emily said...

Agreed 1,000%. It's the extra motivation and inspiration to seize the day, capture the moment, try something new.

I love all the creative energy flowing through the blogosphere.

christin said...

Blogging has made me a bit full of myself. I guess that's what will happen when strangers tell you you're funny. Kidding. No, it's totally affirmed everything that I ever though I wanted to do. When people started saying that I was funny I thought "omg, I AM actually funny. I can do this thing"

Michelle P said...

I agree, I love blogging.

Bekuh said...

Tammy, everything you said really resonates with me because I feel like I've forgotten so many little moments along the way that could have been memorialized if I'd only blogged sooner.

Blogging has taught me that no adventure is too small in life and I should cherish each step.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Hahaha that's awesome!
I've been told that I'm a lot better to be around since I started blogging, too :)

It's incredible how it makes you think about the little things and appreciate everything around you!

Happy Tuesday, giiirl!

Elisabeth said...

i completely agree :) i am glad that i started blogging once i was engaged but id wish i'd started earlier! a lot of people dont get it but i do love how i have so much documented since i've started blogging :)

Amira said...

I couldn't agree more! I feel like blogging has opened me up to experiences I wouldn't have otherwise had. I too wish I had started much earlier :-)

Gina said...

Totally agree. I have been blogging for a while but only these past 6 months or so have I felt like I really hot my blogging groove. It's a process, but a fun and rewarding one. And making new real life friends like you is just a little unexpected bonus :).

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I so agree, it's been so fun. SO different than I thought it would be but amazing.


lushdeez said...

Its funny sometimes I think I need to get out & take pictures just so I havw something to,blog about ha. blogging, definitely is inspiring!

Anna Elder said...

Well said. I couldn't agree more. I love how it's changed me. I document every. little. thing. And I think it's great. I'm definitely happier because of it. I love that it affects us all in the same way. :)

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! and yes i LOVE blogging. it helps me to just share more about the things that i experience and the things that i feel. i LOVE it.


Anonymous said...

Like you said, I love that my blog is an active record of my life with photos, things I've done, things I'm interested in, etc. It's a great thing to have and a fun reminder of various phases I've gone through while writing it. Plus, it allows me to express myself in a way I never could before!

Jodi Ann said...

I SO love this post! I can relate to everything you wrote...I think my favorite thing about blogging is finding a community of people who I can relate too so well. I love that while I'm a stay at home mom, without much chance to get out and meet new people, blogging opens up a world of new friendships. And many of those online friendships have become real life friendships. It's amazing!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I agree 100%! I am so grateful I started blogging at least since my boys have been little. I often think over doing the blog-to-print books so I can have a keepsake of this journey. I know that I *notice* things more, I pay attention to everything around me because I never know where the inspiration might lay. Thanks for sharing!

Ash said...

oh man girl.. you took the words right out of my mouth! this is exactly how i have felt with this whole blogging thing- it literally has changed me in oh so many ways (not to mention meeting fab folks like YOU!)

you could always do a retrospect post.. ya know? i mean, i'm STILL blogging about a wedding/honeymoon/and engagement that took place almost 2 years ago!


Nicole Marie said...

It's so so true that you tend to notice the little things so much more. Since blogging I absolutely have stopped to smell the flowers and enjoy the sunset just a little longer than I did before.

Megan said...

loved this. so nice to hear positive outlooks on blogging when its easy to look at the negatives. love ya girl.

Allie said...

i really loved this post. i haven't been blogging for too long. or rather, i haven't been blogging consistently for long. i've had blogs before but then i stopped writing in them because i felt i was putting myself out there and i was afraid of what people would say. So instead I just kept a journal because that was for me and I could be real without the worry of what other people would say. And while I love journals, there's the limitations of not being able to remember things through pictures, and it was mostly a recollection of thoughts and things I had done. Through blogging, I've found there are some things I don't want to just keep to myself, and I'd like to share with others. And through blogging I'm putting myself out there, which has given me more motivation to do things for me instead of shrugging things off. I want to have things to remember, look back on, just live life. I think through the experience of blogging, I'm documenting things I never would have thought of doing. And sharing that, or at least putting that out there, makes me feel better especially in times when I'm feeling alone. Because I feel that whether or not I have readers, I'm still a part of a community. I don't know if that all made sense, but I did love your blog post, so thank you for that :)

tara said...

Very well said! I couldn't agree more!

DJ said...

This is so so true. Well said.

Sara Louise said...

I started blogging when I moved to a rural village in France - mostly to keep me sane - and I had no idea how wonderful it would be! I've been blown away by the community of support and friends out there, it's truly wonderful and I can't imagine my life without it now :)

Kelsey said...

god we are such babes <3 love u!

Anna said...

LOVE THIS! And completely agree. I've found that, with my blog, it has helped me to stop and appreciate the little things. I love going back through and reading my old blog posts and remembering every tiny little moment. That's what life is all about. All those little moments that really mean so much!

Great post!

Kristina Gulino said...

Amen sista! Definitely some good insight. Blogging has certainly changed the way I see myself, too. I had always enjoyed writing, marketing, layouts, projects, etc. but never knew how to make it all land in one place.

Plus you get to meet super cool people! ;)

Nook & Sea

Eloquent English said...

Wonderful post! It helps inspire to post about the things you love and creating things that make you happy! xoxo A-

Liz said...

Agreeed! I just wish I had began earlier to be document our travels!


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