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Friday, March 30, 2012

With A C.H.

Some people are funny.
Some people are not so funny.
Naturally, I like to surround myself with people who are funny…
(And if you're not so funny, but you try.. well I will probably still like you. I appreciate the effort)
And then there’s Christin, she doesn't have to try.
 Christin cracks my ish up. Majorly.
The truth is Christin isn’t just funny.
She’s a great story teller, just beautiful, one of my good blogger friends, and most importantly, is following her dreams.
Christin wants to be a comedian and I know she’s going to succeed.
(I respect that more than anything you know, that ability to chase your dreams)
She’s living life in one of my favorite cities to visit (not live hehe), NYC.
I like to live vicariously through her subway shenanigans, awkward city encounters, and NYC apartment life stories.
Then there was also the time she had “lunch” with 49ers quarterback Joe Montana (cough wink wink)

And you know how I mentioned she’s an awesome story teller who makes me laugh….

Well Christin shared this shenanigan with me…
One morning one of my Facebook friends posted the most ridiculous thing ever. 
Not one morning, every morning. You all have friends that do it. So my daily routine has become this: wake up, and read through everything that happened the night before. But not just read, I also comment. Comment and crush dreams. There is nothing like having your dreams crushed at 7am and I am the girl for the job. I'm trying to make Facebook more real for everyone because we all know that your life isn't nearly as perfect as you think it is on Facebook.
Just last week one of my friends posted about how upset she was regarding someone going home on some worthless reality show. I didn't even pay attention enough to know what show, but what I did pay attention to is how lame her life was and I minced no words in letting her know. If you're devastated by a craptastic show on TV that's only purpose is ratings and is paid for by advertising to get you farther into credit card debt, we've got bigger problems. Namely, your mental stability. Naturally, I commented something to the effect of "I'm devastated that you're not reading more books".
Before you feel bad for her, know that she actually knows me in real life and knew that this sort of status would warrant a comment like the above. 

Like I said before, Christin is the ish and her blog is one of my daily reads.
Go check out her blog,  I know you'll love it.

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Lauryn said...

Christin sounds like a good friend to have :)

I've been looking for new blogs to read lately, I should check hers out! Heading over there now.

Happy Friday!

Olivia.Dee said...

bahahaha. amaaaazing. :) i want to leave a comment like that!

christin said...

you are too sweet! xo

Linda Jordan said...

Haha, I feel the same way about facebook.
And about NYC (being a good place to visit & NOT LIVE). Unfortunately, I do live here.


Emily Meyers said...

Hello! Love your blog!! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!

Hope to see you there! Thanks!


Nicole Rene said...

lol oh my I might just need to check this out haha


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