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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chile Lime Cilantro Crockpot Chicken

I'm in the midst of trying to save money.
Actually, I haven't shopped for myself in a month, which if you know me is all kinds of amazing. I looooove to shop, and I really really love pretty clothing. Honestly, my Anthropologie/Madewell shopping addiction started to get a little out of control and I decided to cut myself off for awhile.
(Depressing, I know.)

I also quickly realized that going out to eat each day was killing my attempts at saving money (oh growing up....) so I've been making a big effort to cook more.

My friend Anna told me about this recipe for chile lime cilantro crockpot chicken and it was so so good.
This is serious business now, Nadav told me this chicken was the best thing I have ever made
(and he wasn't lying hehe) 






24 ounce jar medium salsa
Juice from one lime
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1.25 package taco seasoning
2 jalapeno peppers, finally chopped (optional)
6 boneless chicken breast halves, defrosted

In a slow cooker, mix together the salsa, lime juice, cilantro, taco seasoning, and jalapenos. Add the chicken and coat with salsa mixture. Allow the chicken to cook, covered, in the slow cooker on low setting for 6 hours. Serve chicken with salsa mixture spooned over top, or shred and use as a taco filling.

I served the chicken with a warm flour tortilla, brown rice, and lots of avocado. I pretty much think that avocado makes almost everything yummier.


Michelle said...

Ohhh my gosh. I'm drooling over this right now! Making it immediately!

And yes, avocados make EVERYTHING better :)

Lauryn said...

This sounds delicious!

I've been eating avocado every day this week so far, and I was just thinking yesterday that it absolutely makes everything better. And it reminds me of summer!

Anna Elder said...

Yummy yummy yummy. I'm so glad you both liked it! Now I think I need to make it this week too. I love how you can eat on for it a few days. :)

Olivia.Dee said...

slow cooker chicken is my favorite!

Ashley said...

Looks and sounds delish! I'll definitely be giving this recipe a try! Thanks for sharing :-)

Jessica Gitler said...

looks delicious, I am going to have to give that one a try!!

Jacki @ A Certain Type of Glow said...

OH YUM. Cilantro and lime are my bffs.

Totally feel ya on the saving money thing. My goodness. My personal drug of choice is Lululemon. Darn you growing up! Darn you property taxes!! lol

Corianne said...

This looks incredible. SO incredible.

Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering like crazy! This looks amazingly delish!

Amanda said...

That looks absolutely amazing! I'll definitely be trying this

Meg {henninglove} said...

yum this recipe sounds great!! very easy to do with great results

emenchho said...

Looks delicious! Gonna have to give this a try! :)

Jamie said...

I think my husband would love this!

M. Flynn said...

Avocado does make everything better! I love them so much. This looks awesome, by the way!

Kristina Gulino said...

Wow, yum! I need to learn how to cook. And hooray for money saving! It's not easy. My weakness is buying food - you can imagine how hard that is! Good luck! See you tomorrow night :)

Nook & Sea

Ashley Slater said...

i miss my crockpot!!!!!!!!!


when I get it back, I am making this!



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