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Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Dating A Computer Nerd

Let me just put this out there.
My boyfriend is a serious computer nerd.
(I’m about to hit you with some word vomit, get ready for it… Nadav goes to a hacker convention every year. =P)
Throughout our entire relationship I would go to him with for all computer related issues.
He reformats my hard drives (am I the only one who thinks that sounds kinda dirty haha), teaches me about Photoshop, fixes everyone's’ computers, and basically handles all nerd related issues in our household.
It's so great to know that I can always rely on him to help, especially now that I use my computer for all my blogging wonderfulness. 


Anyway, something completely unexpected happened a couple of days ago…
for the very first time in our relationship Nadav came to me with a series of computer related questions.
“So what’s the point of Instagram? What’s the big deal?”
"Should I get Instagram?" (Duh.) 
"So you post pictures, it's like Pinterest right?" (Noo)
“How is it different from Pinterest?”
“What about Tumblr? Why do some people want a Tumblr and a blog?”

So I gloated for a bit, and reveled in my newfound social networking computer-ish skills and happily shared my knowledge with my man.
(And I liked it haha)
 Oh how things can change hehe...
Speaking of Instagram, I finally was able to join all the cool kids on there.
Add me: BayParkDream

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Kara said...

How exciting for you! Hahah I'm sadly the nerd in the relationship, but not in a crazy sense. Just a little more saavy than boyfriend. :)

Lauryn said...

It's so cute to hear people (mostly guys) try to decipher between the different types of social networking sites. I definitely get why it's confusing for them! It's nice to feel like an expert in something once in a while, right?

Laura said...

I'm married to one of those guys too!

Jussie De Guida said...

This is SO cute!! I am not technologically savvy, I need a Nadav! Finding you on Instagram asap :)

Ash said...

nadav is the best!!! and YOU are the best (: hehe this post made me giggle, because it truly is those small moments that make life great (:

and i cant see the picture, so i'm only hoping and assuming it s silly picture..

do not disappoint me, computer, when i check back later and its some LAME picture of the CA coast or something else equally gorgeous..


Anna Elder said...

hahaha I was just telling Matt about the hilarious questions people had about instagram now that android was on it. ;) When I got on a year ago there wasn't as much social networking going on like it is today. I used it more for blog posts but now I don't even really do that bc it's a repeat of what so many people have already seen. Glad you're on Instagram!

Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

I love this post!!!

My bf is a nerd for gaming and comics and I never thought I would learn so much about something I knew nothing about!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

just last night i was having a conversation where i had to explain BOTH pinterest and intagram to people... never thought id be the social media expert people go to!

and you just gotta enjoy boyfriend nerdiness - mine is a HUGE comic book freak... he even goes to comic con. i just smile and nod. :)

Martie* said...

Haha this is so great! Experienced quite the same lately! As my guy is starting his own blog I get ALL of those blog-related qu´s :)

I like it though!

xo Martie*

P.S. Yes I think that sounds kinda dirty, too!

Sarah said...

Haha that's so funny. I can relate to this in so many ways!

- Sarah
A Girl In Transit

Hollie Ann said...

okay nadav needs to meet jeff. they would be such butt buddies. jeff is a software engineer and makes mobile apps....computers are his life!!! he is the one that gave me the false instagram info! he posted his first instagram picture last weekend even hahaha

Melissa said...

Haha. That's so funny. I'm married to a graphic designer/ front end web developer and I got him on Pinterest finally. It was nice to be ahead of the game on something computer related for once!

Melissa said...

Haha. That's so funny. I'm married to a graphic designer/ front end web developer and I got him on Pinterest finally. It was nice to be ahead of the game on something computer related for once!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Dude. My husband is a computer nerd so I KNOW what a big deal it is that he asked you about Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr!

Jaclyn said...

just wait until you marry a computer nerd. things get real crazy. pretty soon you'll be building your own desktop, own all the recent Mac products, and "talk nerdy to me" will have a whole different meaning. it's kind of a surprise being married to someone i never would have dated in high school. shows how shallow i was. its exciting though.

cynthia said...

Yay Instagram for Android! I just downloaded it, too. I am still not positive how much or for what exactly I will use it, but I like to be one of the cool kids, too! :) I followed you. Yay!


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